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  • Amines and Amines

    Amines and Amides Amine - an ammonia molecule (NH3) in which one or more H atoms are substituted by an alkyl or aromatic group. Amide - an organic compound with a carbonyl functional group (C=O) bonded to a nitrogen atom. Amines are the smaller and simpler products of the decomposition of larger and more complex organic compounds like proteins. They often have foul odours‚ as do many nitrogen compounds‚ such as the smell of rotting fish and decomposing animal tissue and are produced by

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  • Classification of Amines

    Amines are aliphatic and aromatic derivatives of ammonia. Amines‚ like ammonia‚ are weak bases (Kb = 10−4 to 10−6). This basicity is due to the unshared electron pair on the nitrogen atom. Classification and nomenclature of amines Amines are classified as primary‚ secondary‚ or tertiary based upon the number of carbon-containing groups that are attached to the nitrogen atom. Those amine compounds that have only one group attached to the nitrogen atom are primary‚ while those with two or three

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  • Reactions of Amines

    Reactions of amines Reaction of amines with acids – acids and amines form ammonium salts. R – NH2 + HCl → R – NH3+ + OH – Amine acid amine salt Example 1 CH3 – NH2 + HCl → CH3 – NH3 + Cl- Methylamine Methylammonium Example 2 CH3CH2 – NH3 + Cl → CH3CH2NH2 . HCl Ethylammonium Ethylamine Reaction of amine with water – when amines react with water‚ they produce hydroxide ( OH ) R – NH2 + H2O ⇄ R – NH3+ + OH- Amine water

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  • Amines: Results and Discussions

    RESULTS: Solution | pH Value | Aniline | 7 | Benzyl aniline | 12 | Diethylamine | 10 | Table 1: Basicity of Amines Solution | Odor of Solution | Aniline added with chloroform and alcoholic KOH | Unpleasant smell | Table 2: Carbylamine Test (odor of solution) Solution | Observations | Aniline added with concentrated H2SO4 | -Salt formation upon addition of sulfuric acid- Gelatinous‚ pale yellow solution | Table 3: Salt Formation Solution: | Residue Formation: | pH level:

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  • Hydrocarbon Derivative: Amines

    Hydrocarbon Derivative: Amines Amines are a type of hydrocarbon derivative‚ and they are used in many ways in society. Several companies use amines in products such as drugs and medicines. Also‚ in nature‚ amino acids help the body make proteins‚ and amines are found in many vitamins. For example‚ DOW Chemicals “plays an important role in commonly used products found around the world” by using amines in the manufacturing of energy drinks‚ detergents‚ insulin‚ etc. This is a very large industry

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  • Amine

    “The Weimar Republic collapsed because of the economic problems faced by Germany” The Weimar republic‚ created almost by accident on the 9th of November 1918‚ lasted only fifteen years. The reasons for its collapse are many and varied and while the economic difficulties faced by the republic significantly contributed to its collapse‚ these difficulties would not have happened had it not been for other influencing factors. Essentially the collapse of the Weimar republic began with its creation

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  • Material Revolution Revision Notes

    remember that point. Alternatively‚ you could use this book to derive questions which yourself or other people could test you on! The choice is yours! Hope this helps. THE CHEMICAL IDEAS IN THIS UNIT: • Condensation polymers • Amines and Amides • Factors affecting the properties of Polymers • Disposal of Polymers A) Explain the term Electronegativity‚ recall qualitatively the electronegativity trends in the periodic table; use relative electronegativity values

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  • Organic Chemistry: Course Outcome

    properties of aldehydes‚ ketones‚ carboxylic acid‚ carboxylic acid derivatives and amines. Write‚ explain and solve problems related the reaction mechanisms for nucleophilic addtition of carbonyl compounds and nucleophilic acyl substitution of carboxylic acids and their derivatives. Develop synthetic methods for preparations of various types of aldehydes‚ ketones‚ carboxylic acids‚ carboxylic acid derivatives and amines. Plan‚ conduct‚ observe and report experiments in organic chemistry 2. 3.

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  • Summary of Organic Reactions

    SUMMARY OF ORGANIC REACTIONS SECTION 1 - ALIPHATIC Aldehydes and ketones |Type of reaction |Mechanism | |1. oxidation (aldehydes only): aldehyde ( carboxylic acid |n/a | | | | |reagents: potassium

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  • Qualitative Organic Functional Group Tests in Various Homologous Series

    (* note ethanoyl chloride reacts with water‚ phenols and amines too!).(ii) Mix it with a little phosphorus(V) chloride and test as above.(iii) Warm with a little ethanoic acid and a few drops of conc. sulphuric acid. Pour into water. | (i) Litmus turns red and a white precipitate with silver nitrate(aq) (drop on end of glass rod)‚ if the mixture is poured into water you may detect a ’pleasant’ ester odour‚ can test for HCl but water and amines produce it too!(ii) as for (1) but no ester smell!(iii) You

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