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Causes and Effects of the Civil War

that in the Civil War, America lost the most men ever? After four years and over 600,000 American lives, the Union (North) prevailed in wearing down and forcing the Confederacy (South) to surrender. Eli Whitney's cotton gin, the Missouri Compromise, and the Dred Scott case contributed greatly to the Civil War. After the Civil War, the Southern economy was devastated with millions of homeless, while the northern economy boomed. Eli Whitney created one of the first causes of the Civil. In 1793 Eli...

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The Civil War: an Inevitable Conflict

The bloodiest time in history for America was during The American Civil War; a time when Americans fought against themselves for their own rights in which they believed they were entitled to. To many it would be considered shocking and absurd to say the Civil War was something that could have avoided – and they’re right. The Civil War was an unavoidable and ultimately inevitable conflict that was essential to the evolution of our nation. The differences between the North and the South, economically...

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Civil War Dbq Analysis

The Civil War was the bloodiest war the United States has ever fought - killing over 620,000 Americans and causing more destruction than any other war. Long standing conflicts and disagreements made the violent war seem inevitable years before it happened, and led to it becoming a major turning point in US history. Americans have struggled with sectionalism since the colonial days, as seen in the issue of slavery and states rights, and the passing of documents and compromises such as the Articles...

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Was the Civil War Inevitable

Was the Civil War inevitable? This was one of the most controversial arguments in American history. Personally, I think this war would happen sooner or later. The long-term cause was the different ideas on the slavery system between the North and the South. After the Confederates attacked Fort Sumter, the Civil War began. Slavery was the biggest problem between the North and the South. The economy in the south relied on agriculture. The owners of big plantations required thousands of slaves to...

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Civil War Freedom Definition

To begin with, just before the civil war, freedom was defined as a prisoner in my opinion meaning you can’t do anything or say anything, everything revolves around your owner. Before the civil war didn’t anyone have the freedom to do what they pleased, or say what they want to say instead they were controlled. The goals they wanted to achieve was a free nation, a harbor for slavery, or a reunited country. After the civil war most of their goals were accomplished. Freedom, now has a meaning that means...

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Civil War Essay

examining the Civil War, many causes of conflict are often overlooked by the obvious cause of slavery. While slavery was somewhat of a cause of the war, it definitely wasn’t a big reason and makes the key reasons of conflict seem very small and dismal. There were many more causes to the Civil War like some that will be mentioned in this essay. The Civil War was not fought solely to end slavery and free the slaves. First, slavery was more of a symbol then a reason of conflict in the Civil War. The South...

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Post-Civil War Reconstruction

Post-Civil War Reconstruction Essay The Civil War managed to divide the United States into two sections incapable of negotiating a way to effectively work together. When the war ended in 1864, with the Union taking the victory, it left America in ruins and from there America started the reconstruction process in an effort to restore the glory that once was. Although Reconstruction had the complete intentions of creating an even better America than before, it unfortunately regressed because of things...

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Was the Civil War Inevitable?

Stokes American History Dr.Zaccarini 12/07/00 Civil War The civil war was the one and only war Americans had with themselves. Unlike the other wars, where America fought for their countries freedom or to assist other countries in need, the civil war was Americans against Americans; North against South. Eventhough, the civil war was an all American war, each side had a reason, and a purpose of why they fought in this war. Now, centuries later, we come to the question "Was the Civil War Inevitable...

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Manhunt: American Civil War and James L. Swanson

Manhunt By: James L. Swanson a) In Manhunt, by James L. Swanson, John Wilkes Booth assassinates Abraham Lincoln because he has very strong beliefs that African Americans should have rights. In the success of Lincoln’s attempt to preserve the Union and free the slaves, Booth took matters into his own hands by killing Lincoln. Although this was a very extreme way to deal with things, I can connect Booth’s passion to myself. His cause was not good, but he set out to do what is right in his eyes...

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In What Way the African Americans Shaped the Course and Consequences of the Civil War?

These events marked the beginning of the Civil War and the war was a result of many political tensions that had emerged between the North and the South in the prior decades, all of which were associated with the institution of slavery installed in the Southern United States. President Lincoln began the Civil War with the South in response to states’ secession from the Union, and therefore, the war was not solely concentrated over the issue of slavery in American society. The North fought to preserve...

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