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Civil War

The Civil War had many causes, some of them were long term causes and some of them were immediate causes. The long term causes were the problems that seemed to never be solved between the North and South. Slavery for instance was a long term problem because it was never completely solved; however continuous compromises were made between both sides, but the disagreements would not disappear. On the other hand, the immediate causes were the problems in which guaranteed that the North and South would...

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Civil War Weapons

The American Civil War of 1861, has been taught in schools of America to be a war between the Confederates and the Union about the institution of slavery. However, this war also created the basis of new forms of weaponry and technology. Small arms of the American Civil War, were revolutionized in order to ultimately create faster-firing weapons that would prove to immensely assist soldiers in the war. Also, the advancement in weapon technology impacted the tactics and the style of warfare utilized...

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Civil War Amendments

Civil War Amendments For four long years, a war raged on, a war being fought for the freedom of slaves. These men and women were held in bondage and seen as property by their owners. Brothers fought against brothers, to preserve the union, but also for the rights of African- Americans held in slavery. The war’s end brought a victory for the Union and freedom for the slaves. With Lincoln’s influence, constitutional amendments were ratified that provided the newly freed slaves with the right to...

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Causes and Effects of the Civil War

Did you know America's bloodiest battle fought on their own soil was the Civil War? The Civil War was fought on American soil between the northern states and the southern states. Many causes provoked the war, which would affect the nation for decades to come. Slavery, the Missouri Compromise, and John Brown's attack on Harpers Ferry, Virginia, were some of the many causes. In turn hundreds of thousands of soldiers died, the South's economy was devastated, and the northern ideals flourished. In...

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Canada During the American Civil War

The Effects of and Views on the Civil War in Canada Throughout most traditional history classes, we are given only the perspective of people directly involved in events or of people that were in the near region where the events occur. This often narrows our insight, giving us an allusion that said events only affected one region unless otherwise said so which gives us a slight bit of outsight. By opening our views, we must explore not only one event in particular but all reaches of these events...

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Experiences of African Americans During the Civil War Period

Response Essay: Experiences of African Americans during the Civil War period Seet Seng Liang, Jonathan A0073301X “I acknowledge that this research is the product of my own work. All materials consulted have been duly cited and credited.” ___________________ The 1860s and 1870s were particularly trying times for African Americans. The Civil War which lasted from 1861 to 1865 saw America undergo social and political change as Americans struggled to redefine their idea of race and...

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Slavery Cause for Civil War

 SLAVERY (THE MAIN CAUSE OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR) US History to 1877 – HIST101 American Military University, 26 April 2014 Many factors led to the occurrence of the American Civil War. The key issues were slavery, different political ideologies, right of the people, and economic reasons. However, the key reasons that lead to the Civil War was slavery. Slavery is touted as the main cause of the conflict between the states in the northern part and those in the...

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reconstruction and civil war era

The American Civil War, also known as the War Between the States, was a civil war fought from 1861 to 1865 in the United States of America after seven Southern slave states declared their secession and formed the Confederate States of America (the "Confederacy" or the "South"). The states that remained in the Union were known as the "Union" or the "North". The war had its origin in the fractious issue of slavery, especially the extension of slavery into the western territories. Foreign powers did...

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The Civil War Awakening Summary

1861: The Civil War Awakening: Book Review Among the events of world history, the Civil War in the USA is one of the central places. Due to this sombre and mourning event, the current population know the names of Abraham Lincoln, John Brown, Ulysses S. Grant, who stood at the head of armies of the northerners; know the names of General Robert E. Lee, who led the armed forces of the slave owners, fanatic Lincoln's assassin named John Wilkes Booth. It is known, how the war ended and who won it. This...

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Civil War Salient Era

A Salient Era A period that will be forever remembered by the American people. During the years of 1850-1914 Americans experienced both devastation and depression. For example, the Civil War where there was no true winner when it ended. Americans faced reconstruction physically due to the battles taken place in their cities and towns, and mentally because of the loss of loved ones. Some other events and people that affected this era was the Dredd Scott Decision, John Brown, with the most important...

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