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  • Clara Barton's Role In The Civil War

    The Civil War was a huge aspect in America’s history. This could seem quite obvious but it did indeed leave a very large footprint in the plan for America. If it weren’t for the Civil War our nation could possibly be split as of today. Fortunately‚ America is only one nation‚ under God‚ to quote Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address. During the Civil War there were many contributors‚ one of the many just so happened to be women. Women in general did a massive amount of help during this war. It

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  • Victory in the North: Us Civil War

    | Victory in The North | A synopsis on the outcome of the U.S. Civil War | | [Type the author name] | 11/6/2010 | | Since the final battle of the American Civil War was fought in 1865‚ scholars have debated the reasons for the Union’s victory over the Confederacy. Historians have attributed the war’s outcome to many factors‚ some of which include Lincoln’s superior leadership‚ the South’s failure to diplomatically secure foreign intervention‚ emancipated slaves enlisting in the

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  • Analyze The Causes Of The Civil War Essay

    Dan Leise The Civil War was a defining event in American history that can be understood by examining the controversies that the role of slavery and its westward expansion had between the North and the South. The Antebellum years from 1845-1861 were the most chaotic because of significant economic and political struggles‚ the most divisive being the debate over slavery. The expansion of slavery into newly claimed western territories intensified the fragile political situation and increased the sectional

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  • Westward Expansion and the Civil War Frq

    12/17/12 Block 6 Westward Expansion and the Civil War By the mid nineteenth century‚ the United States was expanding westward rapidly. And as America expanded‚ so did the sectionalism. The rifts between the North and the South‚ caused by conflicting views on Westward Expansion were becoming more evident. Not only were the debates over westward expansion tedious; the ever growing social debate was also becoming alarmingly prevalent. And in 1860‚ the Civil War broke out‚ ultimately because of economic

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  • What Caused the Civil War?

    What Caused the Civil War? Dr. Ed Ayers ideas were that the Civil War was not caused by slavery at all. It was caused by misunderstandings‚ confusions‚ and miscalculations of the nation as a whole. He states that the fundamentalists gave the argument of the war starting due to the inevitable conflict between slavery and free labor‚ while the revisionists emphasize the small events and political structures‚ rather than just slavery triggering the start of the Civil War. The reasoning that Dr. Ayers

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  • Civil War Turning Point Analysis

    The War for Southern Independence is a major turning point in American History. Sparked by political unrest and economic struggles in the South‚ its four years of fighting were the bloodiest of which America had ever seen. Its tumultuous years saw numerous battles‚ as well as the ruthless assassination of the nation’s president. The American Civil War brought the United States into a new era‚ one of both tension and freedom. In the years leading up to the war‚ a large economic rift began to form

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  • Tactics and Strategies Used in the Civil War.

    TACTICS AND STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS IN WAR. The American civil war was one of the toughest and deadliest wars in American history. This was where the Confederate States of America fought for their independence. It took place from 1861 when the war broke out till April 9th 1865 when confederate commander Robert E. Lee surrendered at the McLean House in the village of Appomattox Court House. It was one of the earliest true industrial wars. Industrial knowledge was used to produce weapons in mass-production

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  • Essay On The Role Of Slavery In The Civil War

    Frederick Douglass‚ a former slave and well-known abolitionist‚ was eminent for his anti-slavery speeches and writings. Many of his articles laid the groundwork for the Civil War and were directed towards the government and President Abraham Lincoln. Based on one of Douglass’s articles‚ his viewpoints on slavery and the Civil War were fair towards President Lincoln. He believes that government officials aren’t taking action against rebels who are fighting to keep slavery alive. Douglass once said

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  • Essay On The Role Of Women In The Civil War

    Dyke 2 Women in the Civil War Name Class Professor Date Women in the Civil War The role of women in the Civil War was multifaceted and diverse on both sides of the battle lines. For whatever reason women decided to enlist in the army‚ they faced more hurdles than their male counterparts‚ and for this reason‚ remain significant.[footnoteRef:1] During the Civil War‚ there were specific roles tailored for and occupied by women‚ such as the role of ““vivandieres” or Daughters

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  • Civil War Reconstruction: Success or Failure?

    STUDENT TEACHER AP US History 06 January 2006 Reconstruction: Failure The Civil war was possibly the greatest tragedy that this country had ever faced. Years of constant arguing‚ compromises and cynical ideas about slavery pushed this so called "United Nation" into an atrocious collision between the Northern abolitionists and the Southern proslavery farmers and plantation owners. The nation suffered enormous losses economically and went into a downward spiral. The reconstruction period began

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