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Although New England And The Chesapeake Region

and family oriented lifestyle in New England set itself apart from the Chesapeake region, whose fertile land and extended growing season attracted a distinct group of diverse settlers who had different political ideas about government. These unique societies had different reasons for coming to the new world as well. The New England and the Chesapeake regions differ in social, economic, and geographical aspects. The Individuals who settled the Chesapeake region were prompted by the rumors of gold...

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The Development of New England and the Chesapeake Region

began moving to the New World in search of a new, prosperous life. There were two main areas in America that the English settled in, New England and the Chesapeake region. These settlers voyaged to America for either religious freedom or to start a new life. Religion seekers came to the New World to escape the oppression of the Catholic Church. Others came in search of a job, or because of their low social class. The New England and the Chesapeake regions became two distinct regions because of these...

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Differences between New England and the Chesapeake Regions

Differences Between New England and the Chesapeake regions Although the English settled into both the Chesapeake and New England regions, they had formed into two completely opposite communities. Both regions came to America for different purposes. Whether the founders of this land was to make a profit, farm more land, or seek religious freedom, they did it to please their own intentions. There were many differences between the two regions, however two main places where they were opposites, were...

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Chesapeake Region vs. New England Colonies in America

developing the Chesapeake region, Middle Colonies, and the New England Colonies Out of these three, the New England and the Chesapeake Region were the largest. The Chesapeake Colony, which included Jamestown, Virginia, and New England Colonies, which included the Massachusetts Bay, were mostly settled for religious freedom, economic opportunities, and adventures. People began leaving their land because of poor economy/unemployment and the growing number of “landless” people in England. Both these colonies...

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Difference in the Development in the New England Region and the Chesapeake Region of the New World

DEVELOPMENT IN THE NEW ENGLAND REGION AND THE CHESAPEAKE REGION OF THE NEW WORLD When the first colony of Virginia was established in the year 1607, there had been many theories as to what the New World could bring and offer to different people of the time, looking for a new and hopefully better life than in the past. But this new and better life did not come easily for many people. It is known, however, that primarily Englishmen, locating themselves from the New England regions of the north, to...

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New England and the Chesapeake Colonies

from the ships had huge plans and tremendous goals for what would come of their own colony. However, although both settled regions were the new homes to a majority of the English, two separate societies formed. In New England, the colonists were religious extremists hoping to form a perfect society, while gold hunters with little or no desire to create a permanent home flocked to the Chesapeake region. The colonists in the north were more concerned with family values than those in the south, whose society...

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New England and Chesapeake DBQ

By 1700, the New England and Chesapeake region evolved into two distinct colonies although both were settled by people of the English origin. One of the major distinctions between the two colonies is the populations of the two regions were settled by different people. New England and Chesapeake also had different reasons for settlement in these areas. Another cause for the development in the two societies was the difference of the way of life. New England and Chesapeake formed into two distinct societies...

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New England and Chesapeake Colonies

The New England and Chesapeake colonies were both settled by English colonists. Most colonists moving from Great Britain to New England were families searching for religious salvation, rather than mostly the single men that traveled to the Chesapeake area in search of wealth. The immigrants of the Chesapeake area were greeted with a climate and soil that were perfect for cultivating tobacco, cotton, indigo, and rice. Those settling in New England could not rely on farming to support themselves because...

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New England and Chesapeake

Although New England and the Chesapeake were settled by the English, by 1700 they had evolved into two distinct societies. The Chesapeake was originally settled by people looking for gold. Many of those people were single men that had a very short life expectancy. The Chesapeake had fertile soil and enabled the people to grow tobacco. However, the New England region was settled by families for religious reasons. Their major occupations were fishing, shipbuilding, and lumbering. They had a cold...

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The Distinct Differences of New England and Chesapeake

George Sotereanos DBQ 09/15/06 Unit 1 The Distinct Differences of New England and Chesapeake By the year 1700, the New England and the Chesapeake regions were both settled largely by people of English origin, although the regions had evolved in two distinct societies. The people who made the epic voyage to the new world came here for many different reasons. They wanted to lead the lives they wanted. Some were poor and needed money and saw America as a place to strike it rich. Others did not...

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