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  • Genetics: Test Questions

    Name: ________________________ Class: ___________________ Date: __________ ID: A Genetics test questions Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Pea plants were particularly well suited for use in Mendel’s breeding experiments for all of the following reasons except that a. peas show easily observed variations in a number of characters‚ such as pea shape and flower color. b. it is possible to completely control matings

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  • The white tiger

    fingerprints meaning that no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes. White tigers aren’t necessarily born from other white tigers. White tigers get their color by a double recessive allele. A Bengal tiger with two normal alleles or one normal and one white allele is colored orange. Only a double dose of the mutant allele results in white tigers (www.cranes.org/whitetiger). In fact it is even normal to find normal colored cubs in a litter of white tigers (www.5tigers.org.com). White tigers are a very

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  • Genetics

    A showed wild type female reveals the sex-linked recessive‚ and the cross A had wild type females reveals the x-linked dominant at the same time in part A. 3. Parent P1 P2 Genotype aa Aa Phenotype Wild Curly wing *Wild type allele: a *Curly wing allele: A Punnet Square Cross A P1 P2 a a A Aa Aa a aa aa F1 Genotype aa Aa F1 phenotype Wild type Mutant Phenotype ratio 1 1 Cross B (P2 and P2) P2 P2 A A A Aa Aa A Aa A A F1 Genotype Aa Aa AA

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  • Ecology Study Guide

    Terms to know: phylogenetic tree inheritance complete dominance character reciprocal cross incomplete dominance trait allele codominance ancestral trait gene pleiotropy derived trait dominant allele multiple alleles synapomorphy recessive allele epistasis homologous character genotype polygenic inheritance analogous character phenotype phenotypic plasticity convergent evolution homozygous norm of reaction adaptation heterozygous X-inactivation natural selection mutant crossing

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  • Biology: Gene and Daughter Cells

    W4Q1 Meiosis is the process by which cells divide and create living creatures. Without meiosis we cannot have the process of mitosis‚ which is the process by which cells of tissue are created for living creatures. When meiosis occurs 4 daughter cells are created‚ while only 2 are created in mitosis. With the creation of 2 daughter cells the new cells will be similar to the parent cell‚ but will have differences‚ as there more parent cells involved. When mitosis occurs the daughter cells will be

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  • Reebop Lab

    a) The characteristics that showed up most frequently were:One nose‚ pink coloured nose‚ 2 antennas‚ 6 legs‚ 2 eyes and 2 green humps were the most common characteristics. b) The Characteristics that showed up very seldom were:3 eyes‚ 2 body segments‚ blue legs‚ 1 antenna‚ a straight tail and 1 green hump. c) The following traits were found to be homozygous dominant:EE ( Eye number - 2 eyes)CC (Curly Tail)VV (Red eyes)d) The following traits were found to be heterozygous:Aa (Antenna number: 2 antennas)Mm

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  • Chapter 10 Study Guide Answers

    the ratio of their offspring should be about ________3:1____________________________. 11. A trait that is hidden in the heterozygous condition is said to be a _________recessive________________ trait. 12. An organism that has two different alleles for a trait is called ___heterozygous__________________. 13. The process that results in Down syndrome is called ________nondisjunction______. 14. If a species normally has 46 chromosomes‚ the cells it produces by meiosis will each have

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  • Ap Biology Learning Objectives Ch 14

    single trait with two alleles. P generation: The true-breeding parents are referred to as the P generation‚ or parental generation. F1 generation: The hybrid of the P generation is the F1 generation‚ or the first filial generation. F2 generation: The offspring of the self-fertilizing F1 generation is the F2 generation‚ or second filial generation. 3. List and explain the four components of Mendel’s hypothesis that led him to deduce the law of segregation. • Alleles make different characters

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  • sex linked genetic disorders

    Sex-linked traits are genetic characteristics determined by genes located on sex chromosomes. Genes are pieces of DNA on chromosomes that carry information that are responsible for inheriting traits. Different forms of the same gene are called alleles. One allele for a certain trait is inherited from a mother and one from a father. These traits are passed down from parent to their offspring by sexual reproduction. Fragile X syndrome (FXS) or Martin-Bell syndrome is a genetic syndrome that causes autism

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  • Bio Igcse Jan 2008 Paper 2

    the passage and your own knowledge to answer the questions that follow. Applications of gene therapy Gene therapy has been used to relieve the symptoms of some inherited conditions‚ such as cystic fibrosis. This condition is caused by a recessive allele‚ which

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