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Dihyrbid Cross

Dihybrid Cross Worksheet 1. Set up a punnett square using the following information: • • • • • Dominate allele for tall plants = D Recessive allele for dwarf plants = d Dominate allele for purple flowers = W Recessive allele for white flowers = w Cross a homozygous dominate parent (DDWW) with a homozygous recessive parent (ddww) 2. Using the punnett square in question #1: a. What is the probability of producing tall plants with purple flowers? Possible genotype(s)? b. What is the probability of...

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Lab- Dihybrid Crosses

crosses the purple and smooth showed up the most (later on we can see these are the dominant alleles when we plug these values in the Chi-Square test table). If we were to do Punnett Squares (parents of hybrid crosses and two heterozygous parents) to discover the estimation of the outcomes (the percentage of chance the outcome will be a certain thing), we would see that expectations are that purple and smooth alleles will cover 9/16 of the corn and that there is 9/16 probability that the kernel will end...

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BIOL 1209 WA 1

or writing of other individuals/authors. Author ___________________________ Date ___________________ Lab Instructor ____________________ Lab Section # ____________ General Research Question: How does the change in the alleles affect the pigment in the alligators; which also affects the fitness of the animal? Animals fight for survival daily, and sometimes their lives depend on their ability to adapt with their surrounding environments. Natural Selection is the process...

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Basic Principles of Heredity

in different expressions of a trait. |alleles | | 8. |The genetic makeup of an individual for a trait or for all of his/her inherited traits—not the observable or detectable |genotype | | |characteristics. | | | 9. |A genotype consisting of two identical alleles of a gene for a particular trait. ...

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Workbook 6.2

his gametes should have the G allele, and the other half should have the g allele. F 3. A Punnett square is a chart that allows you to easily determine the expected genotypes in the offspring of two parents. (expected percents) T 4. In a cross between two homozygous dominant individuals, 25% of the offspring may have the recessive phenotype. F 5. A parent cell makes gametes through the process of mitosis. T 6. It is entirely likely for a gene to have more than two alleles. F 7. Incomplete dominance...

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PCB 3063: Study Guide

b. If one of the rough F1 animals is mated to its rough parent, what progeny would you expect? This would be a monohybrid cross: Rr x Rr => 1/4 RR, 1/2 Rr, 1/4 rr. 4. In maize, a dominant allele A is necessary for seed color, as opposed to colorless (a). Another gene has a recessive allele w that results in waxy starch, as opposed to normal starch (W). The two genes segregate independently. What are the phenotypes and relative frequencies of offspring from each of the following crosses...

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Genetics Test Questions

short-haired guinea pig and a homozygous white, long-haired guinea pig. Assume Black color (B) and short-hair (S) are dominant traits. 2. The ability to roll the tongue into almost a complete circle is conferred by a dominant trait, while its recessive allele fails to confer this ability. A man and his wife can both roll their tongues and are surprised to find that their son cannot! Explain this by showing the genotypes of all three persons. 3. In rabbits, spotted coat (S) is dominant to solid, and...

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Book Work Chapter 11 2 11 3 Parrot 2

complete the guided notes below. 1. What is probability? 2. In a parent pea plant with the allele pair Gg, what is the probability that one gamete will contain the G allele? 3. Complete the graphic organizer to define the characteristics of homozygous and heterozygous genotypes and phenotypes. Homozygous Genotype Phenotype Heterozygous 4. The dominant allele for smooth pod shape in peas is S. The recessive allele for constricted pod shape is s. In the Punnett square, show the result of crossing two...

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Gregor Mendel, a Roman Catholic Monk

seen in some of the third sets of offspring’s therefore that recessive gene skipped a generation. If there was a heterozygous allele the recessive allele would still be continued to be passed on to the offspring. This prevents the genes from just blending together. This allows the genes to skip a generation or more until the recessive allele comes across another recessive allele in which case it will exhibit that phenotype in the offspring. Mendel’s second law is independent assortment which states...

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Biology Chromosome

1. 2. 3. All of Allison’s eggs will carry the X chromosome and 50% of Allison’s egg cells will carry the recessive allele (hexa). 4.a. There is a 25% chance that Allison and Tim will have a baby boy who is heterozygous for Tay-Sachs. b. No, the baby boy will not have Tay-Sachs he will be a carrier for the disease. The boy would only have the disease if he was homozygous recessive. | X | Y | X | XX | XY | X | XX | XY | 1:2 1:2 | T | t | T | TT | Tt | t | Tt | tt...

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