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Al Qaeda

infamous terrorist organizations is Al-Qaeda. Established in 1988 by militant Islamist, Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda traces all the way back to the Soviet War in Afghanistan. It operates as a network comprising both a multinational and stateless army. It has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Nations Security Council, NATO, the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, and various other countries. The overall mission of Al-Qaeda is to attempt to overthrow godless...

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Al Qaeda Terrorist Group

Al Qaeda Terrorist Group Paul Leclair University of Phoenix CJA/300 William Barnes December 8, 2005 Abstract Al Qaeda is arguably the most well-known and most dangerous Islamic terrorist organization in the world. It was established around 1990 by a Saudi millionaire, Osama Bin Laden, to bring together Arabs who fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet invasion. The goal of the organization is to reestablish the Muslim state throughout the world. Al Qaeda works with allied Islamic...

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Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Stability in the Arabian Peninsula region has been a concern for the United States for some time now. AQAP poses a direct threat against the U.S. and U.S. interests of Stability and Security in the Arabian Peninsula. This instability and threat is why I have chosen the AQAP as the FTO to research making the next attack. The AQAP comes from the merging of the al Qaeda cells from Yemen and in Saudi Arabia. There are approximately one –two hundred members, with thousands...

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Osama Bin Laden & Al Qaeda

to mean holy war.” As the war drew to a close, the increasingly radical bin Laden formed al Qaeda, or "the Base" in Arabic, an organization of ex-mujahedeen and other supporters channeling fighters and funds to the Afghan resistance. (CNN). As fore mentioned, Bin Laden is the founder of the jihadist organization, Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is an international Sunni Islamic movement founded in 1988. Al Qaeda was formed during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Financed by Bin Laden, they have camps...

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Al Shabaab

and unlawful act in which groups or agents of some principal engage in a threatened or actual use of force or violence against human or property targets” (Understanding Terrorism Gus Martin). Terrorism is all around us from the UK, 28th June 2012 “Al-Qaeda terror suspect caught at Olympic Park” (Telegraph) and the world, 20th May 2013 “Car bombs hit Dagestan capital Makhachkala” (Euronews). It is clear we must gain as much knowledge and understanding of terrorism in order to attempt to prevent attacks...

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Al Qaeda Research

Theory Al-Qaeda In 1988, one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world was formed. They call themselves al-Qaeda, which translates from Arabic to “The Base”, and originated in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda is an international terrorist organization and are considered the top threat to the United States of America. The biggest attack that the group has planted was the events of September 11, 2001. When the U.S. responded with the War on Terror in Afghanistan, al-Qaeda relocated...

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The Current State and Future of Al Qaeda

Current State and Future of Al Qaeda United States President Barack Obama announced on May 1, 2011 that “Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the most devastating attack on American soil in modern times and the most hunted man in the world, was killed in a firefight with the United States forces in Pakistan.” The death of Osama bin Laden is certainly a major blow to the Al Qaeda terrorist network causing many of its leaders to go underground. Yet, the threat of Al Qaeda still exists and many intelligence...

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Al Jazeera Usa

AL jazeera USA Project 2 Instructor: Nnamdi Madichie Course: Global marketing Students: Jawaher Abdullah al jubreen U00014103 Zomorroda Adam U00021110 Table of content * Abstract * Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Discussion 3. Conclusions * References Introduction This report attempts to provide an analysis of the plight of Aljazeera- a Doha-based Television network in the American market. According to the article, this television network has...

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Terrorism Case Study

terrorist group also wanted an independent state for Spain’s Basque ethnic group. The Basque ETA suffered political oppression because the Spanish government trying to destroy their culture and assimilate them into the Spanish culture. As for the Al Qaeda document I would guess that it was created within the last twenty years because it talks about using sophisticated methods to detonate explosives such as using blasting caps. It tells you how sensitive they are and that you should take caution because...

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America's Global War on Terrorism

At 8:46 am, on September 11, 2001, the world would take witness to an event that would change it forever. Five hijackers, with the support of a terrorist group named Al Qaeda, crashed a passenger jet into World Trade Center Tower 1, and seventeen minutes later a second passenger jet was crashed into World Trade Center Tower 2. Now, everyone can remember exactly where they were when they received the news of the attack, but, what most American’s didn’t realize is that these events would lead to the...

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