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The Psychology in African American

battled one of the largest socio-tragedies known to man: racism. While this pestilent issue has affected many ethnic groups, the most publicly known is the racial discrimination concerning African Americans. By my reasoning, along with many sociologists and psychologists, racism is the root cause of African American race socialization. Race socialization is the theory of verbal and non-verbal messages being transmitted to specific ethnic groups for the positive or negative development of behaviors,...

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The African-American Museum

Understanding the struggles that the people behind the African-American Museum of Philadelphia, the DuSable Museum of African-American history in Chicago, the International Afro-American Museum in Detroit, and the Anacosta Neighborhood Museum in Washington D.C is the core of Andrea Burns’ work. Financial, cultural, and political difficulties all went into the creation of these museums. These people did not want just to be included as a part of larger museums, but, Philadelphia being a prime example...

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African American Cinema

Black Cinema The subject of African-Americans in Motion Pictures provides some of the most interesting studies along with the many controversial interpretations of the roles as actors they played on screen. As far back as the silent films era, African-Americans have been featured in motion pictures playing roles depicting some aspect of acting and being purveyors of a black image. The messages or themes of these movies have over the years presented a mixture of images based upon what was thought...

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AFrican American equality

Morality 5/21/13 African Americans fight for equality From the time our country was founded, many African Americans lived a life of hardship merely because the color of their skin. In many instances they were treated as animals, being sold and traded in shackles and chains. At the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence when the country was founded, most African Americans worked as slaves. Working conditions for slaves were inhumane, who were often forced to work long hours...

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african american inventor

African American Inventor Patricia Bath Dr. Patricia Bath, an Ophthalmological Surgeon, inventor, and activist for patient’s rights, was born November4, 1942 in Harlem, New York. She is the daughter of Rupert Bath, who was an educated and well travel merchant seaman and Gladys Bath, who was a homemaker and housecleaner. Dr. Bath had a passion for books, travel and science. She was good in biology, which showed in high school when she became editor of the Charles Evans Hugh School’s science paper...

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African American Childhood

I was born a free African American on December 23, 1867. My parents Owen and Minerva and siblings Louvenia, Owen Jr., Alexander, and James had formerly been enslaved. I grew up as ordinary as possible considering I was an African American living in a white peoples world. When I was only six years old my parents contracted yellow fever and passed away in 1872. After the death of my parents, I moved in with my sister, Louvenia, in Vicksburg to work as a housemaid. I was considered extremely poor and...

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Plight of African Americans

African Americans Plight Throughout U.S. History Published by Shirley H. Sanders ...

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African Americans and the Cold War.

Minor Assignment Chosen Question: (1) Compare the two articles and comment on how the Cold War impacted upon African Americans during the 1950s. Historically, the treatment of African Americans was atrocious: unfair and dehumanising. Throughout the 1950s, this racial discrimination was noisily protested against and the recognition from governments allowed the African American voice to reach its zenith. The Cold War and the intense ideological disputes between the United States and the Soviet...

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The Greatest African-American Essay

my science." is a quote from African American chemist, inventor, and the greatest African American, Percy L. Julian. Percy's research and studying helped the creation of drugs to treat glaucoma and arthritis. A Percy lived during a time of racism and segregation, he never let racism and it's many challenges get in the way of his shaping of our world today. With his many achievements and awards, I personally believe Dr. Percy L. Julian is the Greatest African-American. Percy Lavon Julian was...

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African-Americans in Media

There are many shows on T.V. today that shows African-Americans in a negative light. There is more representation of people color in the media than in past times, the quality of the product is more important than quantity. Fun has been poked fun at the African-American throughout the years, by presenting a character of buffoon or childlike quality. The reproduction of stereotypes of African- Americans in film has existed since the day of slavery. Early in the 20th century the coon character was developed...

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