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Aedes Aegypti

Aedes Aegypti The mosquito that has attracted the most attention is the mosquito Aedes aegypti. It belongs to the family Culcidae, consisting of about 2,500 species (Encyclopedia Britanica 1999), along with other genera of mosquitoes such as Anopheles, Culex, Orthopodomyia, and the Toxorynchites, to name a few (Womack 1993, E.B. 1999). This mosquito has been known best for transmitting yellow fever and human dengue throughout the tropic and subtropic of the Americas (Womack, M...

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Neem Oil

victims. Mosquitoes thrive in moist and relatively warm environments just like what Tropical Countries are. Tropical Countries are home to most number of species of mosquitoes. Our country, the Philippines, is among the Tropical Countries. Culex, Aedes, and Anopheles are among the most common species of mosquitoes and they carry a vicious disease namely Dengue, Malaria and Yellow Fever which can kill a human. These diseases are common yet deadly diseases to us and the number of victims are still...

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Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever 2

  Causative Agent * 4 serotype of the dengue virus (1,2,3 and 4 Group B Arbovirus) * the 4 viruses are antigenically close to each other however, they only give partial cross protection after being infected by any of them Aedes Aegypti Bite of the Female Aedes Aegypti (day biting, low flying, breeds in stagnant water, in urban areas). Why female? It is because that they use the blood obtained for laying of eggs. It is the primary vector for the transmission of dengue. Sources: 1. Infected...

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Chapter II Mike

insecticide resistance among malaria vectors needs urgent attention if insecticide-treated materials can continue to be used for malaria control.” Metarhizium anisopliae, a fungal pathogen of terrestrial arthropods, kills the aquatic larvae ofAedes aegypti, the vector of dengue and yellow fever. According to the College of Science (2013 p1) noted that “when larvae of Culex quinquefasciatus broke the water tension with their perispiracular valves for air intake, floating conidia of M. anisopliaeadhered...

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others. Many don’t even bite humans. The vast majority of mosquito repellent tests published in the scientific literature use Aedes aegypti (the dengue/yellow fever mosquito). This is pretty much the lab rat of the mosquito world. It is a great species to work with as it is a day-biting species and has a relatively consistent biting rate. Testing a repellent against Aedes aegypti is pretty much the way to go. In malaria prone regions, testing against the malaria-vector and avid nuisance-biting species...

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Macau S Dengue Fever.

discovered in the Philippines and Thailand in the 1950s. It is can be very severe and frequently found in Asia and many western countries. There are 4 different but closely related viruses that may lead to Dengue fever. When people are bitten by Aedes aegypti, a kind of mosquito that is found in tropic and sub-tropic areas, the viruses will be transmitted and people will get infected. In article ‘Dengue, aka “Breakbone Fever”, is back.’ of Slate, it is stated that the primary cause of Dengue is the...

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Yellow Fever 1793

of July, a ship of Caribbean refugees came to port. With them, they carried the yellow fever virus. The virus traveled slowly at first; with just a few fatalities in the first week, numbers grew steadily over time. No one suspected it was the aedes aegypti mosquito, retrieving the blood of an infected victim and transferring it to another healthy individual. The city’s leading physician Dr. Benjamin Rush had never seen anything like it before.[3] Three to six days after being infected with the virus...

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particularly Aedes aegypti- female mosquito. . This was first recognized by workers in Queensland early in the 20th century. Aedes aegypti breeds in fresh water and particularly in manmade containers such as old tires, pot plant holders, buckets and tree hollows in urban areas.  Aedes albopictus is a mosquito common in South East Asia and Papua New Guinea and can also be an important vector. Other Aedes species are involved in the enzootic monkey cycle The principal vector mosquito, Ae aegypti, prefers...

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Virulent Dengue Fever

cells and Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, and this viruses’ ability to replicate and infect others. Results from these studies implicate that the Southeast Asian genotypes’ characteristics are continuing to displace its’ sister strain, the American genotype. Dengue fever is a blood-borne disease contracted and spread by being bitten by a mosquito infected with the Dengue virus. In the New World the most common family of mosquito infected with the Dengue Fever (DH) is the Aedes aegypti mosquito, creating...

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Dengue Fever

the tropic and subtropic areas, even with our current state of advanced technology and medical care. Dengue virus is from the family Flaviviridae and the genus Flavivirus. (3) It is a vector borne disease that occurs through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. The virus has 5 different types (DENV) 1, 2 3, 4, and 5. Once infected with the virus, symptoms include a sudden high fever, measle-like rash all over the body, headache, and muscle and joint pain. In small cases, the disease can develop...

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