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A Mistake I Will Never Forget

Thank you for teaching me how to love  Showing me what the world means  What I've been dreaming' of  And now I know, there is nothing that I could not do  Thanks to You  For teaching me how to feel  Showing me my emotions  Letting me know what's real  From what is not  What I've got is more that I'd ever hoped for  And a lot of what I hope for is  Thanks to you  No mountain, no valley  No time, no space  No heartache, no heartbreak  No fall from grace  Can't stop me from believing  ...

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Never Shall I forget

Never Shall I Forget… “From the depths of the mirror, a corpse was contemplating me. The look in his eyes as he gazed at me has never left.” (Pg. 115) These were the last and final words used by Elie Wiesel in the book Night. The book retells the personal story of the main character and author, Elie Wiesel, and the tales of the suffering he and other Jews went through during the holocaust. Elie and his family were captured towards the end of the Second World War by the Nazis and sent to concentration...

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the day i will never forget

A Day I Will Never Forget I have always been told to never judge a book by its cover, but in these terms regarding people. Just like the cover of a book, first impressions are not always as they seem. They are very crucial in everyday life and can be the basis of how our relationship with a person begins. You really find out someone’s true colors after you start getting to know them. This all happened to me when I saw and met my current girlfriend. Upon first talking to her I was wondering...

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A Time I Will Never Forget

A time I will never forget It was winter 2010and the weather was bad. The snow was knee deep and still falling. I was at work and sitting at the reception desk. It had been such a busy night with people checking in and people coming off the street looking for somewhere to stay. A woman came in to the reception area with her three kids. Straight away I could tell she was a gypsy traveller, the way she spoke and looked. She went on to tell me that she needed a room for the night as she was...

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A Day I Will Never Forget

I’ll never forget that day. It was in February that my father told me my older sister might not be coming home. I was home alone and had been since the very end of January. My dad called me from the Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado. It started out with what seemed to be a normal conversation. “Hi, Dad! How’s Bridgette doing?” “She’s still goin.’ Just had another seizure. We got some news today.” “Oh, yeah? What is it?” “Well, if your sister has surgery, there’s a chance she won’t...

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A Dream That I Will Never Forget

A dream that I will never forget suddenly crushed over my mind. In the dream I was lively telecasting an opinion about money in a worldwide news report. It was all about money and start out with a question as following. Do people control money or does money control people? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell especially when money is the cause of many conflicts in society. Furthermore, money is not only a danger to society but it affects all people individually. Moreover, money places a value on the...

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A Trip I Will Never Forget

summertime 2008 when I got my 99’ Dodge Intrepid back from the previous accident, I begun my road trip to Yellowstone National Park in early morning. As I drove down the road, I soon realized that I had never been anywhere alone before. This was a new feeling for me, one of strength and fear rolled into one. My trip was nerve wrecking because I faced a certain problems with my car that I have never experienced before, but it taught me a lot about how to maintain my car. The first problem I got was after...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

suitable way to introduce some bad news in a formal way? a) I feel really bad about this but… b) I’m sorry to have to break the bad news but… c) I regret to inform you… d) I’m so sorry about… 4. Which of the following is an expression suitable for a formal letter? a) Regards to Jane b) Please give my regards to Jane c) Say hi to Jane d) Give Jane my best wishes 5. Which of the following is NOT a suitable final sentence for a formal letter? a) I look forward to hearing from you soon. b) Hope to see you...

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An Adventure I Shall Never Forget

An adventure I shall never forget Malia and I were very excited about the trip. We had planned it for more than one and a year and a half. The radio was playing in the background. I heard something about a new rumor about cruises disappearing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It was like the Bermuda triangle. A new way to sell souvenirs I thought. The bags were packed and our passports were lying on the kitchen table, ready to be used for the first time. My family was somewhat poor compared...

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A Day I Will Never Forget 1

The day of December 1, 2000 is a day I will never forget. It was a Friday. I was involved in a car accident that changed my view on life. The accident was the scariest experience I had ever had in my life. The day had started out too good to end the same. It was something about the day that didn’t sit right in my stomach. The day started out good, everyone woke up on the right side of the bed. Our daily routine wasn’t hectic like usual, there was usually an argument over the shower, comb...

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Never to forget

The book I read was Never To Forget The Jews of the Holocaust by Milton Meltzer. The book is written by Meltzer’s true story of the. It tells the story of when over five million Jewish people were massacred. The book has no characters. From beginning to end the book takes place in Germany. It only tells the straight forward account of the Jewish Holocaust. He writes the story in an interesting view point because he is an old American Jew, watching events of the war from newspapers and radios. Writing...

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Never to Forget

Never To Forget- The meaning of the title "Never To Forget" is very significant to the story of the Holocaust. The title simply means to forget what we know would not be human. It is very important that we never forget the Five Million Jews that lost their homes, property, freedom, dignity, and finally, their lives. We must always remember what happened to the Jews. Every time someone thinks of saying or doing something to a fellow human being we must remember the Holocaust. We must never...

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A Night I’ll Never Forget

A Night I’ll Never Forget A Night I’ll Never Forget Life was hectic for me during December 2003, but there are several dates that stand out in my mind that culminated that year for me. December 13 is, of course, my son’s birthday, a day that is forever etched into my heart. My wife’s birthday is December 22, and our anniversary is December 28. Do you remember growing up and your grandparents would tell you what they were doing when they heard that Pearl Harbor had been bombed? You have...

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A day I want to forget

A day I would like to forget It started out as a normal day, I went to school but, school got out at ten because of snow. As my little brother and I were walking off the bus, I saw a u-haul parked in our driveway. I thought I was going blind for a second, I didn’t know what was going on. My first thought was “Does my mother know about his move?” Before I saw anything else, my step-dad walked outside to greet my brother and I. All three of us plus his mother and sister came inside the house and...

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A day i will never forget

Everything was normal, but then something happened, something that I had to live with for the rest of my life. I can still barely believe it, mostly because I don’t want too, but I will do my best to recall this day, the worst day of my life. “Are you ready to go?” I asked Jim as I jumped out of his computer chair. We were going to take my new Carola for a spin.  “I don’t know, Mrs. Smith is really piling on the homework,” said Jim, looking at his very full backpack.  “Jim, it’s the Queen’s...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

The Day I Will Never Forget I will never forget the bright light in the sky. I saw this light in the sky years ago when I was just a boy; I still to this day can remember it vividly as if it was just yesterday. I’m not exactly sure what it was in the sky, but whatever it was had defied all physics and natures law. When I was about nine years old I went with my parents one Saturday evening. One of my dad’s friends were throwing a pool party out of town. It was a nice summer’s night in or...

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Brother I Never Had

The Brother I Never Had Everyone has that special someone in their life that has influenced them greatly. Whether it’s a relative or a friend. One of the biggest influences in my life is one of my uncles named James, in a way he’s like my brother. I realized this when my uncle moved out of my mom’s house live in Pittsburgh. He was there for me when things got rough; the sad thing is I can’t exactly say the same. Still the realization of my actions has made me more aware of the importance of family...

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I will never forget

of that person or the life will go on without consequences. For example, many aspects of my life have influenced my personality and my future life decisions. That is why I want to tell the story about a seven year old boy that changed my life forever. I remember that particular morning. It was unusually hot and humid. The water park started to fill up with plenty of happy smiling faces and kids running around, waiting for...

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I'll Never Forget

I’ll Never Forget: Don’t judge a book by, not only its cover but also, its genre. Within each genre, everyone has their own separate life story. In my 18 years of existence, I’ve lived three different lives. All three have had different stages of difficulty. The easiest stage was in my adolescence. As any ordinary kid, growing up, all aspects of your legal guardian’s religion were rubbed off on to you. Obviously enough, growing up in a Muslim household, I was taught the values, tradition, culture...

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Halloween I will never forget

All Hollow’s Eve I was walking quickly by the old neighborhood real haunted house as we were going through the neighborhood trick-or-treating. It really is haunted! No one had lived there in decades. I hear all kinds of stories about the place and my mother says I‘m never to go there! It is creepy and all falling apart. My so called best friend Jon dares me to walk into the house as the front door was open. What am I going to do? I laughed the dare off thinking he would forget. I dared him to go...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

The day I will never forget Everyone has something that reminds them of something or someone. For some the smell breadfruit reminds them of the meals their mom made in every fashion since it was the only thing she could afford. For others, it's a father playing with a child, an event they either experienced or long to experience. Then there are some who remembers a love one through a special song. For me it's a little bit of all. When I smell hot barber green marinating with the sound of rain...

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A loss i will never forget

January 2014 A Loss I Will Never Forget September 11, 2001, I wish that was just a day like any other, but what happened on that day was sadly a tragedy. September 11, 2001 was the day terrorist high-jacked Boeing 747s and crashed them into the World Trade Centers, as well as the U.S. Pentagon. Everyone has a story from that day; some very different than others. Mine is probably very common for the kids that were in school. This was the day the Twin Towers were attacked, the day I lost a part of my...

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Never Forget the Genocides

Brittany McMillian McMillian 1 Mrs. Dixon LA 1H P.1 3-10-13 Never Forget the Genocides Although the Holocaust ended in 1944 with the deaths of millions, the genocide in Darfur claimed the lives of 400,000 people and displaced over 2,500,000 in 2003 and is still going on to this day (Document G). With so many lives lost in the tragic genocides people wonder if there is anything that can be done to prevent more from occurring. The basic concept of genocide developed in 1915...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

The Day I Will Never Forget The hardest thing I had to face in my life when I was younger was when I was thirteen. That day would be July 14, 2005 and it is the day my grandmother passed away. My family and I went through so much about seven months prior to her passing. We got through the tragedy. She was eighty-two years old at the time. I will never forget her telling me the night before that she had to go to the doctors for a check-up meanwhile I was in school but when I got home, I would go...

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The Ride I Will Never Forget

ride I will never forget . waking up on sunny day where sun shined bright in my face, I thought to myself, it is time to wake up. It was the middle of the summer somewhere at the end of July. It was not an ordinary day for me. I spent the night at my friends house because the night before we went down town to spend time with our friend's. That night, we shared alcoholic beverages which made the night a little more relaxed. When it was time to go home I realized that I could not drive. I asked...

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A Day I'Ll Never Forget

I looked around my room once more, turned-off the lights then closed the door quietly. I crept into my parent's bedroom and kissed my mother on the forehead lightly, pulled the comforter tighter around her frail body then let my gaze linger on my father's empty side of the bed. After a few moments, I headed to my younger sister's room. Little Mia. She would probably hate me for leaving, but she needs to grow up and learn to be independent sooner or later; just sooner than she thought, much sooner...

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The Moment That I Will Never Forget

The moment that I will never forget The scorching sun was beating against my olive, gold skin as a drop of sweat trickled down my face, slowly and gradually. The glorious scenery dazzled, the cool, summer breeze blew through my lush brown locks. Deep blue ocean tide’s lapped against my feet like a soft tender kiss and retreated slowly. The palm trees hypnotically shimmied from side to side in a swaying motion. As I walked across the beach, each step I took my foot sunk into the golden...

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Someone I Will Never Forget

that I will never forget is Clayton. Although Clayton is six years younger than I am, he is my best friend. I met Clayton on the school bus when I lived in Alabama. I just moved to a new town, so I was the new student in fifth grade. I never liked sitting in the back of the bus because it was occupied by high school students; I sure didn’t belong back there. I sat with a student who was sleeping. When we got to his school, I woke him up; he forgot his sweater and I put it away in my book bag. I knew...

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An Experience I will never forget!

I lay still sprawled on my back on the carpet floor, barely breathing or moving. NO! I wasn't trying to commit suicide by asphyxiating. In the middle of my abdomen was a spasm that had contracted so much that the pain was almost unbearable. It was a good agonizing seven minutes before it finally subsided, leaving my abdominal muscles sore as never before. Outside the mercury rose in the sweltering Vietnamese heat as midday approached. I was in Vietnam participating in a Junior Ranking Tennis event...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

Photos 62 Photos See All . Jordan Mark Schmigiel 18 hours ago. What have I become My sweetest friend? Everyone I know goes away In the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt. ~ Johnny Cash Like · . Brittany Oryszak and Chris Phillips like this.. Write a comment... . . ...

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Celebrated Mistakes You Should Never Tell a Lie

Celebrated Mistakes You Should Never Tell a Lie And Always Tell the Truth Ernestine M. Stevens Springfield College Lying is so easy to do for most people. We do this at an early age and do not even realize the trouble that we can get in. It seems so cute at first. Once you get grown and the legal complications start it is ugly. You can lose your freedom, family, job, and friends. In the worst way you could possibly lose your life. A lie can seem so small from the beginning...

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A Day I Will Never Forget

From the day I first saw my son to now When I first saw my baby he was all wrapped up in a stiff white blanket with footprints from all colors of the rainbow. His eyes were closed because his cheeks were so puffed up that they kept him from being able to open them up. His face resembled a red puffy marshmallow. His head was so long and narrow it almost reminded me of a little alien head. He had a full head of curly golden sandy brown hair. His nose was small as could be. It was like a little button...

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An Accident I Will Never Forget

Well, I never thought I could until this happened to me in the summer of 2011. It was a gorgeous June afternoon, and summer had just begun. I had just gotten my license, and I couldn’t wait to go cruising’ around. I had spent the day at my friend’s house, and now I was on my way home. I was almost home, I just had to turn onto the gravel road to get to my house. While I was turning, I was trying to put in a mix CD I had just made, and trying to turn the corner at the same time. I guess I was going...

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Experience I will never Forget

little boy. After he opened the blanket, he saw a cell phone inside the blanket. There was a text message on the screen. It said,” If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.” This cell phone was passing around from one hand to another. Everybody that read the message wept. ” If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.” Such is the mother’s love for her child!! Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging Blogging is popular among the people in today’s society, especially amongst...

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I Will Never Regret That I Loved You

I Will Never Regret That I Loved You Smiling when’s thinking on you Keep quiet in a sudden while heard your name Crying while thinking on you alone; but keeps smiling while sees u Life’s too touching and perfect I would more rather like to be sad for you; or even, depressed I’m writing the sadness in the diary that doesn’t belongs with me I’ll crying while heard that the lyrics is so nearly with my feelings I’ll crying while watching parts of touching drama Dreaming on your cruel face...

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An Experience I Will Never Forget

day was a very emotional day for me. I don’t ever want to relive that day. It all started when my family and I went to my grandmother’s house. We were going over there for dinner. I had been there for about an hour and my mom was getting suspicious of me going in and out of the house. My mom decided to search through my tattered and beat up olive green coat. I was hoping that she would not check my pocket because they had giant holes in them and everything I put in my pockets goes down into my coat...

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The Best Mistake I Ever Made

12 December 2011 Case #: 10SM04402 The Best Mistake I Ever Made It was the last day of competition at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, when I was arrested for a DUI. During the day, I drove up to Huntington Beach from my apartment in Mission Viejo and spent the whole day at the beach, enjoying the sun with my friends. After the final competition was over, we headed back to a house of a friend of mine. He was throwing a party since his parents were out of town. All of my friends were...

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Through out my life, I have made many mistakes. I

Through out my life, I have made many mistakes. I generally tend to think through what I am planning to do, so that I will not regret my actions later. I was recently reflecting about my past, trying to remember mistakes that I regretted and vowed to never repeat again. I came to the conclusion that my biggest mistake was not trying hard enough in school. My biggest regret was the fact that I wasted so much time when I was in high school, and never put forth an effort to succeed. I attended High School...

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The Jesus I Never Knew

The Jesus I Never Knew Yancey starts out with the image of Jesus. When he was young he had envisioned Jesus to have angelic features such as, young, handsome, and a compassionate face. It wasn't until he entered into a Christian college, that he was introduced to the real image of Jesus. I had an immediate connection with Yancey. I too had an image of Christ in my head, which consisted of Hollywood portrayals and those in classical paintings. It wasn't till I engaged myself at a Christian...

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An encounter I could never forget

An encounter I could never forget. “Ring! Ring!” “Shin! Shin! Please wake up, you are late to work!” Damn! It is already 8.30 in the morning. Today I have a very important meeting in my office! My wife, Stella, says, “Your breakfast is on the table, dear.” Yeah. I am Shin. My body is well-built because sometimes I go to the gymnasium to sweat it out. I have droopy eyes and I am proud of it because only a few people have this kind of eyes. On the other hand, my wife, Stella, is a housewife. She...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

university for four years. Analysts have predicted that transport costs will increase at a compound interest rate of 8% per annum. Calculate how much she will need to budget for her weekly transport in April 2014. Use the formula: A = P (1 + i) n , where A P i n = = = = final amount initial amount interest rate number of years (3) Copyright reserved Please turn over Mathematical Literacy/P1 9 NSC DBE/November 2011 3.3 The following seating plan was used for Zoey's first...

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a day i will never forget

 SUMMARY This is the story of Mama King, an elderly woman with a strong and indomitable spirit. We meet Mama King when she is placed in Frangipani House, a rest home, by her children who live in America. Her experience at the rest home is a claustrophobic one that robs her of her freedom, and slowly leeches away at her senses. She delves into her memories in order to survive that experience, but eventually gains enough lucidity to escape. This escape leads to the family descending on the island...

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I Will Never Marry You

I Will Never Marry You I had gotten engaged on November 4th 2009 on my birthday, and I was the happiest person alive that day. Come to find out the person I was engaged to changed instantly once I accepted his engagement. A couple of weeks later, I found pictures of my fiancé having sex with women from a Dominican Republic trip he went on with his friends, and he said he did it because the women there cater to American men. The cheating and lying never stopped from there, and this is the main...

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The Kite Runner Shows Us That We Can Never Escape Our Past. Discuss

Kite Runner shows that we can never escape our past. Discuss” ------------------------------------------------- In ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini, we are shown through the characters of Amir, Soraya and Sohrab that we cannot necessarily escape our past but we can confront our past mistakes, forgive ourselves and others and move on with out lives. Amir struggles for self-forgiveness and therefore feels like he cannot escape the guilt and shame of past mistakes. On the other hand, Soraya chooses...

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A Vivid Memory That I Will Never Forget

 Proposal #5 A vivid memory that I will never forget is probably one of the most drastic changes in my lifetime. The transition from high school to college will forever be an unforgettable memory. I remember it as if it was just yesterday I came to Penn State. Seeing the bright blue skies, the old dorm buildings, and the incredible modern buildings such as the HUB and business buildings. The transition came with a lot of mixed emotions. Emotions from happiness to fearfulness, and even being excited...

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I Was Never an American

I was never an American. I was immediately a New Yorker.” How is Changez’s sense of identity altered over the course of the novel? Identity is as much about public perception as it is self-perception. In Mohsin Hamid’s novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist the reader is confronted with this fact in a bid to understand what it means to be American and Pakistani. The narrator Changez is unsure of who he is, and whilst certain personality traits remain, his sense of identity is changed significantly...

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Elie Wiesel: Let Us Never Forget

Elie Wiesel: Never Forget Elie Wiesel has written over thirty novels over the course of his life. These novels directly affect society in general and especially impact Judaism. He has contributed not only to his race and religion but to ever human soul who reads his work. Elie Wiesel does this by not allowing any to forget the Halocaust of the Jews. "Elie Wiesel was born in Signet, Transylvania on September 30, 1928. He grew up the only son of four children, in a close-knit Jewish community...

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never regret

Course Code: PCR0025 Course Title: Critical Thinking Topic: Never Regret Group: PM01-05 Group Name: Huge Family List of group members’ Name and ID. Lecturer’s Name: MasyitahBintiMahadi Never Regret Introduction Each and every one of us will do things in life that we will regret afterwards. There are many forms of regrets that we all will have to deal with and it is impossible for anyone to go through life without making a wrong decision or saying something they wish they hadn‘t. As we know, there...

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The day which i will never forget

hapenned when i was still in the tender age of ten. Outside it was dark and stormy which matched my mood exactly. I was feeling down and bored. The was no one at home with me to talk to, so i was completely alone in the double storey house. Mom and dad were on a vacation, which left only my siblings and me. But at that time as i recall, they went out with their friends, and left me unwanted at home. It was a terrible feeling, to be alone in the big dark house. i imagined that everytime i turned around...

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The That Never Speaks

 The Class That Never Speaks Case Study of M5/5 Chatcharunchindra School Bangkok Mr. David Wilson Thongsook College B.A. TESOL Code: 120205 Professor Jay Wisecarver March 2014 Abstract During my studies for classroom management I was tasked with writing this paper. Whilst I came to my subject matter fairly easily I am still unable to find a conclusive answer as to why the class in question never spoke. This being the case I would consider this as an ongoing case study...

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Because I Never Learned

culture and writing i. Historiography (xvii-xvix) ii. Aboriginal Society, pre-contact (7-28) iii. European Society, pre-contact (29-47) iv. Essay workshop 2. Contacts, Colonies, Old and New Societies i. European Exploration and First Contact (48-63) ii. Native-Newcomer Relations (64-82) iii. Colonial Society in New France (84-102, 121-143) iv. French-English Rivalry in North America (103-120, 142-160) 3. Conquest, Losses and War i. Consequences of Conquest...

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Everyone Makes Mistakes In some states, laws have not yet been passed to sentence minors to adult prisons with adult sentences. Several states are realizing what parents already know. Youths are not adults, mentally, and emotionally, so they should not be prosecuted as adults.” Last year, it banned life without parole for those under 18 who are convicted of crimes of short murders” (America Corrects a Mistake). Youths in adults prisons experience abuse, suicides...

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How I Can Make a Difference As A Scholar

Bohol, I can also make a difference. But as I said, in order for me to make a difference in my surroundings, I must first make a difference within me. I was once a stranger in this university, seldom talks to anyone and even project a shy type of person, well in fact I’m not. I wasn’t then participative in school activities, even in our own department. Inside the classroom, I just stayed in one corner, scanned my notes and remained silent all those times. Those things happened before I tried to...

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A Ride You'Ll Never Forget- Bowling for Columbine

A Ride You'll Never Forget The Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' criteria for "Best Documentary Film" includes in their definition for a documentary that it should be a non-fiction film that creatively addresses cultural, historical, social, etc. subjects. Bowling for Columbine won the Academy Award for best documentary film and has stirred up quite a bit of debate amongst its viewers. Thousands hail Moore for his ingenious creativity and are ready to take a stand to change America...

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A Day I'Ll Never Forget

you never know what to expect. People get up as though everyday will be a normal day. People go to work or school and live their daily lives. The day of October 31, 2011 my daughter's mother was induce becuase she was pass her due date. That day was crazy from waking up in the morning and the trip to the hositpal. From watching my daughter's mother go through the pain she went through and when the time came when my daughter was born was a unrealistic feeling. The day of October 31, 2011 I will...

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I Love

and this broken heart lonely stands. I wait for your gentle kiss, and those soft lips I really miss! Your bright eyes and the way you smile, they only last for a while, But I will wait for you here, until you come and dry my last tear, I just want you to know, I will always be waiting for you. Marika Armstrong I Love You With All My Heart When things are changing all around us and the world seems to move too fast, don't forget, I'll be right beside you. So when you look...

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Discriptive essay on a day I will never forget

Trip I remember it like it was yesterday blood was everywhere; my pants leg was soaked and weighted down from the bleeding. The bottom of the truck had turned into a crimson sea of red. The throbbing in my thigh had been replaced with numbness and nausea. As everything started to fade, I remember my cousin Joe saying over and over in a nervous voice, "You will be okay, just hang in There..." Fishing is one of my favorite things to do but there is one fishing trip that I will never forget. Earlier...

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The Chrysalids: Sacrifice, Discovery, and Mistake

Sacrifice a Discovery and a Mistake The plot revolves around them, they are the main characters. Characters are so important because they give you the main plot and conflict in the story. Being the main character in The Chrysalids David is shown threw the whole book from his childhood to his teens, we see him grow and with his growth shown threw the story a lot of sides are shown such as his emotions, action and abilities. Getting to know David threw the whole story we see what problems he runs...

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Why Elizabeth I Never Married and the Consequences

History Essay- Elizabeth I- why did she never marry and what were the consequences. “I may not be a lion, but I am a lion’s cub and I have a lions heart” –Elizabeth I This quote states that Elizabeth may not have been a man, but she is her father’s daughter, and she has his heart. signifying she can rule just as he or any man before her has. Elizabeth was born on the 7th of September 1533 at Greenwich Palace. She was the daughter of King Henry the VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Her...

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I Was Never so Scared...

I looked up at the black sky. I hadn't intended to be out this late. The sun had set, and the empty road ahead had no streetlights. I knew I was in for a dark journey home. I had decided that by traveling through the forest would be the quickest way home. Minutes passed, yet it seemed like hours and days. The farther I traveled into the forest, the darker it seemed to get. It was very hard to even take a breath due to the stifling air. The only sound familiar to me was the quickening beat of my own...

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