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Merdeka Day Celebration

Jalil. Our Prime Minister also gave some rewards for the people who made our country proud. For example, Dato Lee Chong Wei, badminton player who won silver medal in Olympics 2008 and 2012, Dato Nicol David, world champion squash player and Pandelela Rinong who won the bronze medal in the 10m diving event at the 2012 Olympics in London.  All of us clapped our hands with screaming respectfully. Then, the performances which included “Tarian Kilat”, “Songka Gadai” and “ Go Malaysia Go” were started...

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Talent Identification Report

sportsman or woman to get to the point where they can deliver medals on the world’s senior stage. Anna Babington is one of the first products of GB rowing world class start programme. The young British diving hopeful Tom Daley competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics at the age of 14. It’s a long hard journey. Only those who are tactically aware, physically and mentally strong, coachable, and able to make significant sacrifices will survive. The scientific approach of identifying talent involves a series...

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Sports and Transgender

gender's body. Transgender does not have advantage against heterosexual playing sports. However some people still think transgender has more advantage over normal people. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) allow transgender exhibits Olympic with gender that they changed, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) set three rules about transgender. "Fundamentally, though, it shows a lack of awareness of the current medical thought on the issue of transgender athletes. The overwhelming...

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Nike Footwear 5 Forces Analysis

Manchester United club an unprecedented $450 million over 14 years to run its merchandising and uniform operation. Nike had 50 sponsored Athletes win a gold medal in Athens 2004. Adidas spent $80 million for the Official Sportswear partner title in Beijing 2008. The Nike brand is ranked 30th overall in the world, with a value of $10.1 billion while No. 71 Adidas is at $4 billion. Innovation is another way to keep a lead on would be competitors. Adidas has developed the Adidas One, a $250 shoe that has...

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Personal Narrative: Evaluating A Significant Experience

the screams and yelps of kids and adults across Central Michigan University’s football stadium for the first time, I realized this, volunteering at events meant for “creating a healthier, more respectful and welcoming world for all” as the Special Olympics home page states. Growing up, I have always known that I wanted to do more for the world. I wanted to help people that were hurt, disabled, or disadvantaged. I’ve always thought the world could be better if we stood up for one another and make each...

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Usain Bolt- Fitness Expert

Fitness Experts: Usain Bolt Usain St.Leo Bolt, the world’s fastest man, is an iconic athlete known by all sport fans around the world. Widely known for his breathtaking speed, he holds three world sprinting records, 6 Olympic gold medals, and was 8 times World Champion. Bolt is definitely giving the world’s top sprinters a run for their money! I chose to write about Usain Bolt for my fitness expert. My first reason for choosing him is because I consider Bolt to be the epitome of physical fitness...

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Jennie Finch

fourteen year old. When she was fifteen, she started to think about her dreams as any other teenager would. She rooted for the USA softball team as it rolled to Olympic gold in Atlanta. Weeks later, when the USA softball team was traveling the country, she waited in the long line to get Dot Richardson’s autograph. She dreamed of being an Olympic Champ. She wanted to be just like the girls on the USA softball. Jennie Finch wanted to be swinging her own Jennie Finch bat when she grew up. Only God knew...

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Voc Regulations

in the world, which already have such regulations in place. With its accession to the World Trade Organization and hosting of the 2008 Olympics, China is even more anxious to measure up to the best in the world. A chemicals and materials analyst at Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific, Shruti Gupta, says that all new construction and interior decorations for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing will have to adhere to these new standards and use environment-friendly coatings. But enforcing the new regulations...

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Li Ning

is important instead in only focusing in second and third tier ones. Personally I think that Li Ning has to keep it idea of sponsorship because it is a very good way to gain reputation and recognition. An example of this is that during the 2008 Olympics games Li Ning sponsored the diving, table tennis, shooting, and gymnastics teams. Talking about expansion, I think that the company must not be afraid to compete in top cities where most of the population lives, because it is a good way to reach...

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Merrimack Tractors

Company, Simplicity, and Husqvarna which were much older with extensive lines of lawn care and maintenance equipment. About 25% of the outstanding stock of the company was held by the members of the Martino family and shares were traded on NASDAQ. By 2008, the company was buying all of its tractors and machines manufactured in China. The report below analyses the need for a change in accounting procedure for inventory and its effect by shifting from LIFO to FIFO. We can conclude that a shift to FIFO...

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