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  • 2004 Tsunami Introduction

    INTRODUCTION The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was an undersea mega thrust earthquake that occurred at 00:58:53 UTC on Sunday‚ December 26‚ 2004‚ with an epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra‚ Indonesia. The quake itself is known by the scientific community as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake.[3][4] The resulting tsunami is given various names‚ including the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami‚ Asian Tsunami‚ Indonesian Tsunami. CAUSES The earthquake was caused by subduction and triggered a series of devastating

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  • 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami

    2004 Boxing Day Tsunami | Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3 | Source 4 | Name of Topic | Tsunami Flash | The Tsunami Page | The Boxing Day 2006 Tsunami | 2004 Tsunami Disaster | Name of Author | The Age | Dr George P.C | Phil Cummins | Matthew Clieok | Address | http://www.theage.com.au/tsunamiflash/ | http://www.drgeorgepc.com/Tsunami2004Indonesia.html | http://www.ga.gov.au/ausgeonews/ausgeonews200503/tsunami.jsp | http://www.ciolek.com/WWWVLPages/AsiaPages/Tsunami-Analyses.html | Notes

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  • The Tsunami of 26 December 2004

    The cause of the tsunami in Sumatra on 26 December 2004 which affected the entire Indian Ocean was a very violent earthquake of magnitude 9.3 on the Richter scale. It was the biggest earthquake ever recorded after the one in Chile on 22 May 1960‚ with a magnitude of 9.5. It originated at 00:58:53 GMT (7:58:53 AM local time)‚ on a fault in a subduction area between the Indo-Australian plate and the Burma plate (which forms part of the larger Eurasian plate (see fig. 1)‚ with the hypocenter at a depth

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  • The Sumatran Tsunami of December 26, 2004

    The December 26‚ 2004 Sumatran Tsunami [pic] On the morning of December 26‚ 2004 a magnitude 9.3 earthquake struck off the Northwest coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The earthquake resulted from complex slip on the fault where the oceanic portion of the Indian Plate slides under Sumatra‚ part of the Eurasian Plate. The earthquake deformed the ocean floor‚ pushing the overlying water up into a tsunami wave. The tsunami wave devastated nearby areas where the wave may have been as high as

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  • 2004

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2004 Rnc Speech

    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech given at the 2004 Republican National Convention was clearly of persuasive intent supporting the current President‚ George W. Bush and the Republican Party. His rhetorical purposes throughout the speech involve not only the encouragement to vote for Bush in the 2004 Presidential election but also to support him in his past leadership choices and possible future decisions. Schwarzenegger also clearly states his intentions to give other immigrants and Americans the

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  • December 2004 Earhquake in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

    The December 2004 Earthquake in Northern Sumatra‚ Indonesia Sarah Loiacano November 16‚ 2010 Geology Section H004 On December 26‚ 2004‚ mass destruction and devastation was the result of a large earthquake off of the West Coast of Northern Sumatra‚ Indonesia. The earthquake began in the early morning on Sunday at 7:58:53 AM‚ and wreaked havoc on thousands in the affected areas. BBC News reported on the earthquake‚ stating that “Sunday’s tremor – the fourth largest since 1990 – had a particularly

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  • 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Japanese Tsunami

    Tsunamis A tsunami is a series of waves created when a body of water‚ such as an ocean‚ is rapidly displaced on a massive scale. Earthquakes‚ mass movements above or below water‚ volcanic eruptions and other underwater explosions‚ landslides‚ large meteorite impacts and testing with nuclear weapons at sea all have the potential to generate a tsunami. The effects of a tsunami can range from unnoticeable to devastating. The term tsunami comes from the Japanese words(津波、つなみ) meaning harbor ("tsu"‚

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  • Republican National Convention Address 2004

    Analysis of Anders Schwarzenegger’s Republican National Convention Address 2004 There are many ways of writing and performing a speech. But no matter how it is chosen to be done‚ is it always about winning the respect of the ones who are listening. Now‚ that is not an easy job‚ and it takes a lot practice to create the perfect speech. In this analysis I am going to focus on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech as governor of Californian‚ at the Republican National Convention. This year Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Destructive Tsunami Waves

    Tsunami [pic] INTRODUCTION The term tsunami comes from the Japanese language meaning harbour ("tsu") and wave ("nami"). Although in Japanese tsunami is used for both the singular and plural‚ in English tsunamis is well-established as the plural. The term was created by fishermen who returned to port to find the

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