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How Far Can the Tet-Offensive of 1968 Be Seen as a Turning Point in the Vietnam Conflict?

was the year that the USA lost the war, it was only a military victory it had not served a political objective meaning it was useless. The American public were shocked by the scale of the fighting after being reassured by general west-more in late 1967, that the victory was in sight. The body bags of very young American soldiers, who had died thousands of miles away in a second world country, fighting for reasons the public didn’t know, this began to have an effect. The anti-war movement in the USA...

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Car Analysis: Chevrolet Corvette

Car Analysis The best car ever made is the is the 1967 Chevrolet Corvette. The car is an iconic American coupe whose performance outranks some of the modern vehicles. The Corvette has almost 550hp, which was excessive in 1967 and it is higher than most private vehicles. In this way, its standards were beyond their time and they still higher than most modern commercial brands. In addition to power, the Corvette is exceptional in road adhesion and handling. This makes it easy to control the car at...

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Chiffon Project

would realize losses with or without the Chiffon project; however, a review of this case suggests the opposite. Actually, Jell-O would grow and the cost of the agglomerator should be included as an incremental cash flow. Problem Statement In 1967, General Foods (GF) was contemplating the launch of a new product line - Chiffon. As one of the market leaders in the food business, the company was focused on increasing and protecting its current market share in the dessert category. Specifically...

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Juvenile Court Case Study

house of the United States. In 1899, Cook County in the state of Illinois established the first juvenile court. Youth in the juvenile court system dating back before the year of 1967 did not have constitutional legal rights. It was not until the year 1967, that it changed. In the landmark case of, ‘in re Gault, 387 U.S. (1967), when the United States. Supreme Court required that all youth offenders involved in juvenile court proceedings and facing possible confinement have the following constitutional...

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Pa250 Unit 1

the status quo are bound to occur, especially when the emotionally charged aspect of marriage is involved. Two perfect examples are the cases of Loving v. Virginia 388 US 1, 87 S Ct1817(1967), and Goodridge v. Department of Public Health 440 Mass 309, 798 NE 2d 941(Mass.2003). Loving v. Virginia (388 US 1, 1967) was a landmark case, dealing with inter-racial marriage, which went all the way to the US Supreme Court. The plaintiffs, Mildred and Richard Loving, an inter-racial couple, who were residents...

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meadowlark (Sturnella neglecta) 1929 Fish Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) 1997 Flag Find out more... 1925 Flower Goldenrod (Solidago serotina) 1895 Fossil Mammoth (Mammuthus columbi) 1967 Gem stone Blue agate 1967 Grass Little bluestem (Andropogon scoparius) 1969 Great seal Find out more... 1967 Historic Baseball Capital St. Paul 1997 Insect Honeybee (Apis mellifica) 1975 Mammal White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) 1981 Poet William Kloefkorn, of Lincoln, was named Nebraska's...

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End of Chapter Hire Purchase

1. Based on the Hire Purchase Act, 1967 stated that hire purchase is the hiring of goods with an option to purchase. Is it applicable to all types of goods? Explain it. Answer : A limited range of goods is covered by the Hire – Purchase Act 1967. They are listed in the First Schedule and may be varied by the Minister from time to time. The current list comprises the following : * All consumer goods * Motor vehicles, namely * Invalid carriages * Motor cycles * Motor cars including...

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Conservation tasks

(Elkind, 1967). However, other theorists such as Elkind disagreed with Piaget. Piaget and Elkind had different views on conservation. According to Elkind (1967), conservation tasks involves two types of conservation, identity conservation and equivalence conservation. Identity conservation refers to equivalence between the before (V) and after (V1) state of the variable object. Equivalence conservation refers to equivalence between the standard (S) and variable object (V1). Elkind (1967) argues...

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Apollo 1

Apollo One is the name given to the AS-204 spacecraft after it was destroyed by fire during a training exercise. January 27, 1967 the crew of Apollo commonly known as Saturn 204 began training for the first Apollo mission. On this mission they were going to orbit Earth, they were scheduled to launch February 21. The AS-204 mission was scheduled for the first quarter of 1967, having already missed a target date for the last quarter of 1966. The shuttle was placed on launch pad 34 at the Kennedy...

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Film Analysis Guess Who and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

The Hollywood movie "Guess Who" (2005) is a remake of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" (1967). Both film's premises are about the same situation of an interracial marriage. The original revolved around a daughter bringing her black fiancée to meet her white middle class family. This was a touchy and even controversial subject in 1967 but the film became an award winner. The 2005 update switches the roles around and with a stroke of genius we now have a white fiancée meeting a black family. Personally...

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