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1967 Referendum: Experiencing of Aboriginals

around one million signatures. In 1958, a similar petition campaign was run by the FCAA which was signed by 25 000 people in three months. However, both failed. Petitions like these were commonly launched over the next few years, but in March 1967, then-Prime Minister Harold Holt announced the news. The referendum would be held that year, to repeal the offending parts of both sections of the Constitution. This meant that Aboriginals would be counted in the nation’s census, as well as receive...

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1967 Six Day War

Assess the consequences of the 1967 (Six Day) War for Arab–Israeli relations On the 23rd May 1967, the Israelis declared war on the Arabs due to the blocking of the straits to Israeli shipping. The 1967 Six Day War had a major impact on Arab-Israeli relations. This is due to Israel gaining control over the occupied territories, large increases of Jewish settlement in the occupied territories, the increase of Israeli military in the Middle East. The Israeli occupation of Arab territories had a...

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1967 Race Riots Research Paper

1967 Race Riots: The Decline of Detroit The 1967 Detroit Race Riots were called “one of the most violent urban revolts of the 20th century” (Wang, n.d.). The riots were one of the main causes for Detroit’s harsh economic decline and deterioration. The once booming city with a population of over two million people produced products that changed people’s way of living. Today, Detroit sits in poverty and is the center of despair. Through the examination of civil unrest, deindustrialization, and trends...

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1967: Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander People

Why was the 1967 referendum significant in the fight for aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? The Australian Referendum of 1967, called by Prime Minister Harold Holt, led to important and influential decisions and legislations; which ultimately bettered the lives of the first Australians. Although the amendments made to the constitution, were minimal and overall didn't immediately amount to much, it was significant in the progression of the mentality of Australian society. One of the most...

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Resurget Cineribus: the Detroit Riots of 1943 and 1967

Resurget Cineribus: The Detroit Riots of 1943 and 1967 One can pick many instances in Detroit's last hundred years and conclude that the two riots of 1943 and 1967 were the presiding factor for this once great city's fatal turn. Detroit has come to be known as the Motor City due to its insurgence of the automotive industry, has been dubbed Detroit Rock City for its groundbreaking revolutionary music throughout the 20th century, and has even been hailed as Hockeytown for its euphoric love of the...

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Formalist Criticism on "Waiting on the Curb: Lynwood California, 1967"

Marquetta Brown Eng 241 J. Zeff Formalist Criticism The poem ‘Waiting oat the curb: Lynwood California, 1967 written by Deborah Escobedo is about a young girl named Debbie in Lynwood, California who is waiting on a friend at the curb. When first examining the title of the poem, I think of waiting on the curb as a sign of prostitution or hitchhiking. They way I imagine the scene of the poem is; a hot summer day in an urban area in Lynwood, California. I imagine Debbie’s...

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The 1967 Referendum to Include Aboriginals in the National Census Was a Failure

The 1967 Referendum to include Aboriginals in the census was a failure. The 1967 referendum asked Australians to decide whether Aboriginals should be included in the national census, with over ninety per cent voting yes, many consider the referendum to be a great success. In that respect the referendum was indeed a success because the vast majority of voters wished to include Aboriginals in the census, but in many ways the poll was a failure. Some Aboriginals and many other Australians believed...

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Detroit 1967 Riot Analysis

It appears that both riots occurred because of the discrimination against the black communities, the Detroit 1967 Riot was because of the unnecessary raids on the black communities, more specifically the bar where it all began and the Los Angeles 1992 riot was due to the police officers that were acquitted in the beating of Rodney. Even though the bar was unlicensed, the black communities felt that they’ve had enough of the police brutality as well as the racism and discrimination against them. The...

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Freedom Rides and 1967 Referendum

Freedom Rides and 1967 REFERENDUM 12th February 1965, 30 university students from Sydney set off to campaign in country towns of NSW for the improved rights for Aboriginal peoples …Student action for Aborigines. Charles Perkins (born 1936) was the first indigenous person to graduate from a tertiary institution; he was also a talented soccer player who had turned down an offer to play for Manchester United. His childhood was spent away from his family in NT in a boy’s home in Adelaide. He suffered...

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Motivations for 1967 War

Motivations for the 1967 War in the Middle East Introduction: Overview of the War The 1967 war in the Middle East took place between Israel and its Arab neighbours (primarily Egypt), and lasted six days. However, it had much deeper-rooted motives and involved many other key players – both from the Arab states and internationally (such as America and the former Soviet Union). It is important to examine the motives behind both the regional and international players who were involved in the war,...

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