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Contract Law Bible (Uk Legal System)

Fundamental Breach o Karsales v Wallis [1956]  Hire purchase agreement for car – “no condition or warranty that the vehicle is roadworthy is given by the owner or implied herein” – car not roadworthy, fundamental breach. o Suisse Atlantique Case [1967] • Charter party breached loading contract, only making 8 voyages rather than 14. S claimed due to payment based on voyages. CP argued limitation clause, ship owners argued fundamental breach. In fact, liquidated damages clause. o Photo Productions...

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Freedom Riders

students had successfully stirred up debate and sparked discussion around Australia on the state of Aboriginal affairs. The media coverage the trip gained led to pressure for reform at national and international levels. This debate, in part, led to the 1967 Referendum, which approved two amendments to the Australian constitution (Attwood 2007). The first amendment involved removing a phrase in Section 51 of the Commonwealth Constitution, which stated that the federal government had the power to make laws...

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Voidable Void Contract

Ordinance 1951 46 Penal Code Section 506 26 26 Stamp Ordinance 1949 49 English Statutes Defence (General) Regulations 1939 Reg 56A Reg 86A 81, 82 83 81 Factories Act 44 Gaming Act 1845 61 Misrepresentation Act 1967 18, 74, 97 Indian Statutes Contract Act Section 20 40 xviii LIST OF CASES CASES PAGE A L Gullinson & Sons v. Corey [1980] 29 NBR (2d) 86 A. Smith & Son (Bognor Regis) Ltd v. Walker [1952] 1 All ER 1008 Aaron’s Reefs Ltd v....

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Nominate Delicts

statutory obligations that may prohibit the disclosure of certain types of information by imposing specific obligations of confidence. Legislation of this nature is disparate covering topics such as: - medical confidentiality (for example the Abortion Act 1967 and the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988); - information supplied in connection with legal proceedings (various rules of court); - health and safety (section 27 and 28 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974); - information supplied to...

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Actionable Misrepresentation

a contract with him, he is under a duty to use reasonable care to see that the representation is correct, and that the advice, information or opinion is reliable • Negligent misrepresentation under Statute, enacted by the Misrepresentation Act 1967. When dealing with a negligent misrepresentation it is most lucrative[16] (joint with fraudulent misrepresentation, Contributory Negligence notwithstanding[17]) for an action to be brought under statute law as the burden of proof that is required passes...

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The Impact of Advertising in Our Daily Lives Student Essay.

1934 which created the Federal Communications Commission.[5] However, the U.S. Congress did require commercial broadcasters to operate in the "public interest, convenience, and necessity".[6] Public broadcasting now exists in the United States due to the 1967 Public Broadcasting Act which led to the Public Broadcasting Service and National Public Radio. In the early 1950s, the Dumont Television Network began the modern practice of selling advertisement time to multiple sponsors. Previously, DuMont had...

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award for damages and in regards to compensation on how the indemnity regulations are observed[60] (in the case of Whittington v Seale Hayne 1990 82 LT 49 There was also another remedy for damages available provided through S2(2) Misrepresentation Act 1967 which is known as Damages in Lieu of rescission which means… this provides solutions in regards to negligent and innocent misrepresentation[61]. It allows rescission only if right to rescind has not already been lost for negligent and innocent misrepresentation[62]...

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Common Law

that his false statement was true.” (http://www.legalmatch.com/law-library/article/innocent-misrepresentation.html, 3/4/2012) If the financial advisors wrongful advice can be identified as due to negligence then under the Misrepresentation Act 1967 Verity will be able to pursue a legal claim in the county court for damages. Only if the advisor can show that the information given was not fraudulent or neglectful will prove him innocent. A withholding of fact or failure to disclose relevant...

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1967 referendum

ATS1259 The 1967 Referendum The 1967 referendum was the repeal of section 127 and section 51 in the Commonwealth Constitution. With the repeal of these two sections the “Federal Government were allowed to make laws for Aborigines and Aborigines were now counted in the national census”(About the 1967 Referendum). The 1967 referendum can be commonly considered the turning point in Australian history and culture for finally addressing discrimination towards the Indigenous people and taking responsibility...

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1967 Referendum: Experiencing of Aboriginals

around one million signatures. In 1958, a similar petition campaign was run by the FCAA which was signed by 25 000 people in three months. However, both failed. Petitions like these were commonly launched over the next few years, but in March 1967, then-Prime Minister Harold Holt announced the news. The referendum would be held that year, to repeal the offending parts of both sections of the Constitution. This meant that Aboriginals would be counted in the nation’s census, as well as receive...

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