A Separate Peace


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1. What is the first thing Gene visits upon his return to Devon after 15 years away?

a) The tree

b) The marble stairwell

c) The headmaster’s office

d) His old dorm

2. What is the second thing Gene visits?

a) The tree

b) The marble stairwell

c) The house master’s office

d) His old dorm

3. Which boy tells Gene that his first jump from the tree was better than Finny’s?

a) “Leper” Lepellier

b) Chet Douglass

c) Brinker Hadley

d) Finny

4. What does Finny wear for a belt that attracts the notice of the summer Headmaster?

a) A piece of string

b) A flag

c) A Devon School tie

d) A pink tablecloth

5. What is the name of the club started by Finny and Gene?

a) The Suicide Squad

b) The Summer Suicide Divers

c) The Super Summer Society of Suicide Jumpers

d) The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session

6. What is the name of the game invented by Finny?

a) War Game

b) Blitzball

c) Leaper’s Lament

d) Death Drill

7) Finny breaks a school sports record but refuses to let Gene tell anyone. Which record is it?

a) The swimming record

b) The track record

c) The javelin record

d) The weightlifting record

8) Who is to be initiated into the club on the night that Finny falls from the tree?

a) Chet Douglass

b) Mr. Prud’homme

c) Brinker Hadley

d) “Leper” Lepellier

9) Where are Gene and Finny when Gene first confesses his guilt to Finny?

a) The infirmary

b) The river

c) Finny’s home

d) The headmaster’s office


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