Romeo and Juliet


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1. Whom is Romeo in love with when the play opens?

a. Juliet

b. Rosaline

c. Lady Montague

d. Lady Capulet

2. What punishment does Prince Escalus decree if the Montagues or Capulets break the peace with their feud?

a. Death

b. Banishment

c. To have their heirs wed

d. A fine

3. Whom does Juliet’s father want her to marry?

a. Benvolio

b. Tybalt

c. Paris

d. Romeo

4. Why is Friar John prevented from delivering his message to Romeo?

a. Capulet stops him

b. Montague stops him

c. He is killed

d. He is quarantined in a plague house

5. How does Juliet kill herself?

a. Accidentally overdoses on a sleeping potion

b. Intentionally poisons herself

c. Falls on a sword

d. Stabs herself with Romeo’s knife

6. How does Romeo die?

a. Paris kills him at Juliet’s tomb

b. With Friar Lawrence’s sleeping potion

c. Poison he obtained from the Apothecary

d. Stabs himself

7. How old is Juliet?

a. 12

b. 13

c. 14

d. 15

8. Whom does Romeo kill during the course of the play?

a. Tybalt

b. Mercutio

c. Benvolio

d. Capulet

9. To what flower does Juliet compare Romeo?

a. Violet

b. Honeysuckle

c. Rose

d. Primrose

10. Which heavenly body does Romeo associate with Juliet?

a. The sun

b. The moon

c. The North Star

d. Jupiter

11. Where does Romeo and Juliet take place?

a. Mantua

b. London

c. Paris

d. Verona


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