Week 4 Brilliant Public Speaking Paper Essay Example

Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: July 30, 2014
Brilliant Public Speaking Paper
Some people would rather die, before they would speak to a group of people in a public forum. With a little practice, public speaking will come easier, and soon, the fear will be overcome. There are some things that a speaker can do to help make the presentation a memorable experience for the audience. This paper will discuss how to develop persuasive communication skills using effective language and techniques to help deliver the message. Becoming the subject matter expert, and knowing what the audience wants to hear, will assist in communicating effectively with them.

The video, "Brilliant Public Speaking," discussed practices that a public speaker can use in order to be more effective when delivering the intended message. Getting prepared is the most important part to delivering an effective message. Without preparation, the invitation for disaster exist. Rehearsing the presentation in front of a mirror, or using a video recorder to record yourself can give you a better perspective on how you look while speaking. Dress appropriately, but just a bit different from everyone else. Standing out from the rest of the people there, will set you apart from the start. During the opening remarks, capture the audience with a bang of an opening statement. Make them want more. While keeping their interest with your words and delivery style, you are build a rapport with your audience. Treat a speech as a conversation, while making eye contact and using relaxed hand and body gestures. The delivery style is the vehicle that will deliver your message to its destination. Controlling the pitch and tone of your voice, using variable speeds and occasional pauses will attract the attention of the audience. Be genuine and honest. If a mistake is made while delivering your speech, acknowledge it, and move on calmly. The most important thing to know when speaking in public, is knowing when and how to stop. Speaking too long can...
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