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Ashford 3 : - Week 2 - Textbook Quiz

Time Remaining:

Question 1.1. Elaine, a senior in high school, believes there is always a definite right and wrong to every situation. Her positions on most social issues similarly identify an either/or scenario, allowing for little to no nuance or “gray areas.” Elaine’s perspective is aligned with the ideas of _____________. (Points : 1) Pavlov


Question 2.2. Classical conditioning is associated with ___________. (Points : 1) Skinner

Question 3.3. Gillian is a college student who believes that whatever her professor states must be true because of who he is and what he does. Gillian is practicing _______________. (Points : 1) prereflective thinking

quasi-reflective thinking
reflective thinking
judgmental reflective thinking

Question 4.4. Rashad is a college student who listens attentively to his professors. He considers that not all information can be shared during a given lecture and tends to research the professor’s ideas further. Rashad is practicing ______________. (Points : 1) prereflective thinking

quasi-reflective thinking
reflective thinking
judgmental reflective thinking

Question 5.5. Amalia was born in the United States to parents who emigrated from Central America in their twenties. Amalia expects to live well into her eighties or nineties. However, her parents do not expect to live past roughly 75 years of age. The disparity in expectations reflects ___________. (Points : 1) an example of programmed theories

primary aging
secondary aging
mortality rates

Question 6.6. When Jerry was young, his mother made chicken potpies from scratch. He always knew when she was cooking the dish by the aromas that filled his home. To this day, he associates any of these odors with that time in his childhood and sets out to eat chicken pot pies. This is an example of __________. (Points : 1) an unconditioned stimulus

a conditioned stimulus
an unconditioned response
a conditioned response

Question 7.7. Joan is a 38-year-old woman who is experiencing noticeable fatigue, occasional sleep disturbance, and the rare hot flash. She is _________________. (Points : 1) perimenopausal


Question 8.8. Bob is a college student expanding his horizons beyond those of his parents and home life. He is forming opinions and ideas of his own, free of input or rebukes from his family. Bob is in the _______ stage, according to Schaie. (Points : 1) acquisitive


Question 9.9. According to the text, about __% of men experience enlarged prostate glands. (Points : 1) 5

Question 10.10. Veronica is trying to stop biting her nails. She puts a substance on her nails that is foul tasting. Every time she attempts to bite, she experiences the foul taste and hopes it will keep her from biting. This is an example of ____________________. (Points : 1) aversive conditioning

operant conditioning
classical conditioning

Question 11.11. ___________ is the process of conditioning that reduces or relaxes responses to specific situations. (Points : 1) Counterconditioning
Operant conditioning
Systematic desensitization
Ethical desensitization

Question 12.12. According to the text, ___________ is a neurodegenerative disease caused by degeneration of dopamine-producing neurons in the brain. (Points : 1) Parkinson’s disease
Hodgkin’s disease
Alzheimer’s disease
Huntington’s disease

Question 13.13. During the __________ stage,...
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