Ordinary People


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1. How did Buck Jarrett die?

a. He committed suicide

b. In a drunk driving accident

c. He drowned in a boating accident

d. He was murdered

2. How did Conrad try to commit suicide?

a. He set himself on fire

b. He hung himself

c. He took pills

d. He cut his wrists

3. How old is Beth?

a. 39

b. 42

c. 35

d. 45

4. What sports team were Buck and Conrad both on?

a. Golf

b. Swim

c. Football

d. Basketball

5. Whose suicide upsets Conrad?

a. Buck’s

b. Karen’s

c. Jeannine’s

d. Beth’s

6. The good friend to Conrad and Buck that Conrad draws away from for much of the novel is:

a. Stillman

b. Pratt

c. Lazenby

d. Berger

7. What does Jeannine tell Conrad after they first make love?

a. That she was not a virgin

b. That she is going away to college

c. That she is in love with Lazenby

d. That she also tried to kill herself

8. Where does Beth want to go for Christmas?

a. Houston

b. Spain

c. London

d. Florida

9. Why does Dr. Berger see disorganized when he first meets Conrad?

a. He is just disorganized

b. His office was burglarized

c. He was mugged

d. He keeps his office looking chaotic to keep his patients on-edge

10. Who is Calvin’s business partner?

a. Ed Genthe

b. Mac Kline

c. Ward Butler

d. Ray Hanley

11. Which family friend says she misses Conrad and Buck’s visits to her home?

a. Lynn Searles

b. Nancy Hanley


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