Ordinary People


Cast of Characters

Conrad Jarrett – Conrad Jarrett (Con) is one of the two main protagonists of the novel. Eighteen years old, Conrad is a high school junior. Conrad would be a senior, but he spent eight months of the last year in a mental hospital because of a suicide attempt. Conrad’s brother, Buck, died in a boating accident approximately one year before the novel begins.

Beth Jarrett – Beth Jarrett is Conrad’s mother. She is a young-looking 39-year-old woman. Beth prefers to deal with problems through denial and avoidance, and cannot relate to Conrad’s suicide attempt or her husband Calvin’s need to pamper her son.

Calvin Jarrett – Calvin Jarrett (Cal) is Conrad’s father. Forty-one years old, Calvin is a tax attorney. Calvin spent much of his childhood in an orphanage and does not feel that he was adequately prepared to be a good father. However, he is desperate to connect with his surviving son and determined to do anything in his power to prevent Conrad from making another suicide attempt.

Joe Lazenby – Joe Lazenby is a friend of Conrad and Buck. He and Conrad were on the swim team together. Joe seems genuinely concerned about Conrad, but unsure about how to handle his friend’s suicide attempt or help his friend deal with his brother’s death.

Kevin Stillman – Kevin Stillman is a high school senior whom Conrad resents. Conrad feels that Kevin gets what he wants without having to work for it.

Jeannine Pratt – Jeannine Pratt moves to town from Akron, Ohio. She and Conrad begin dating during the novel.

Jordan (Buck) Jarrett – Buck is Conrad’s older brother. The boys are merely a year apart. He died in a boating accident two summers before the beginning of the novel. He was a very good older brother.

Dr. T.C. Berger – Dr. Berger is Conrad’s psychiatrist. Dr. Berger practices in Evanston. Dr....

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