Old Yeller


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1. What is the name of Travis’ first dog?

a) Rick

b) Steve

c) Bell

d) Bull

2. What does Travis want instead of another dog?

a) A goat

b) A horse

c) A sister

d) A gun

3. Where has Travis’ father gone?

a) He has run off

b) To sell cattle in Abilene, Kansas

c) California for the gold rush

d) Prison

4. Why does Travis take an initial dislike to Old Yeller?

a) The dog steals the morning’s meat from the hooks in the dog-run

b) He is still unhappy about the death of Bell

c) The dog is unfriendly

d) The dog frightens Jumper into running away

5. What is special about the way Travis kills a doe at the Salt Licks?

a) He shoots it from up in the trees

b) The doe is one he has been trying to kill all year

c) He kills it tackling it and breaking its neck

d) He shoots it while it is running away

6. What does Travis give to Lisbeth when she promises to keep Old Yeller’s thieving ways a secret?

a) A mirror

b) Some pretty ribbon

c) An arrowhead

d) A hug

7. Why does Travis come to love Old Yeller?

a) Old Yeller helps him kill a hog

b) Old Yeller saves the family from a burning cabin

c) Old Yeller saves Arliss from being mauled by a bear

d) Old Yeller helps them find oil

8. How does Old Yeller help Travis break Spot’s stubbornness?

a) The dog bites her nose and flips the cow on her back

b) The dog bites the cow’s ankles

c) The dog bites her tail and drags her to the barn

d) The dog barks her into submission

9. What does Burn Sanderson trade Old Yeller for?


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