The Odyssey


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1. At the beginning of the poem, whom does the poet address and why?

a. Athena, to request aid for Odysseus

b. The Muse, to request that help in telling the story

c. Zeus, to request vengeance against Odysseus

2. Which of the gods is angry with Odysseus and doesn’t want him to get home?

a. Poseidon

b. Zeus

c. Apollo

3. Which goddess imprisons Odysseus on her island for many years?

a. Circe

b. Calypso

c. Athena

4. Why does Telemachus feel he cannot stand up to Penelope’s suitors and send them away from the palace?

a. He wants his mother to choose a new husband.

b. He thinks that Zeus will be angry with him.

c. He is too young and inexperienced to take on so many men.

5. Who tells Telemachus that Odysseus is alive and being held captive by a goddess?

a. King Nestor

b. Athena

c. King Menelaus

6. Why does the goddess who is holding Odysseus captive finally release him?

a. She takes pity on him and wants him to go home to his wife.

b. She has been ordered by Zeus to release him.

c. She has been ordered by Athena to release him.

7. How long does Odysseus sail just before he is shipwrecked near the island of the Phaeacians?

a. Eighteen days

b. Ten years

c. Three months


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