Much Ado About Nothing


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1. Who is the governor of Messina?

          A. Don Pedro

          B. Antonio

          C. Leonato

2. Who is Beatrice’s father?

          A. Leonato

          B. Antonio

          C. Neither; her father does not appear in the play

3. What word best describes the relationship between Beatrice and Hero?

          A. Sisterly

          B. Competitive

          C. Argumentative

4. Why does Leonato welcome Don Pedro and his soldiers into his home?

          A. He is afraid to refuse Don Pedro

          B. He likes Don Pedro

          C. He is secretly plotting with Don John against Don Pedro

5. Which of the following characters is not going to be married at the end of the play?

          A. Don Pedro

          B. Claudio

          C. Benedick

6. Which character participates in Don John’s plot without realizing it?

          A. Ursula

          B. Dogberry

          C. Margaret

7.  Who instigates the plan to make Benedick and Beatrice fall in love with one another?


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