Much Ado About Nothing


Cast of Characters

Leonato: Hero’s father, uncle to Beatrice and the governor of Messina. Most of the play’s action occurs in Leonato’s house. He is a warm, paternal figure who is devastated by the accusations against Hero. Leonato plays an active role in the play’s happy resolution. 

Don Pedro: The prince of Arragon and close friend of Claudio and Benedick. Don Pedro helps Claudio win Hero’s hand and leads the plot to unite Beatrice and Benedick. Don Pedro falls victim to Don John’s deception, siding with Claudio in the belief that Hero has been unfaithful. He helps Claudio to publicly shame her, an action which he later regrets.

Benedick: A close friend of Prince Don Pedro, Benedick has a reputation as a fine soldier, a clever wit, and a man opposed to women and marriage. Although Benedick speaks passionately against marriage at the beginning of the play, he is quickly inspired to change his views when he is tricked into believing that Beatrice loves him.  

Beatrice: Leonato’s outspoken niece, raised as Hero’s sister. She foils Hero with her sharp wit and independent spirit. Beatrice provides much of the play’s comedy in her clever exchanges of barbs with Benedick, whom she is ultimately quite happy to marry.

Hero: Leonato’s daughter and betrothed of Claudio. Hero is an innocent, sweet girl who makes easy prey for Don John’s evil scheming. She is an obedient daughter, dutifully prepared to accept the proposal of Don Pedro, but much happier to marry Claudio, whom she really loves. Hero also acquiesces to faking her own death so that she can be “reborn” to an untarnished reputation and marry Claudio after all.

Claudio: A count from Florence and right-hand man to Don Pedro. Claudio, like Hero, is rather simple and easily led. He professes to be deeply in love with Hero but is easily convinced of her infidelity. His harsh public rejection of her at the altar is the...

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