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1. Who kills King Duncan?

a. Lady Macbeth

b. Macbeth

c. The chamberlains

d. Macolm

2. What does Lady Macbeth experience because of the murders?

a. sleepwalking

b. imaginary blood on her hands

c. paranoia

d. all the above

3. Specifically, who is Hecate?

a. the goddess of witchcraft

b. the goddess of fate

c. the goddess of royalty

d. none of the above

4. In the play, what is the first title that Macbeth receives?

a. King of Scotland

b. Thane of Cawdor

c. Royal Attendant of the King

d. Thane of Ross

5. Why is Macduff not “of woman born”?

a. he was adopted

b. his mother died

c. he was born via Caesarean section

d. he is a ghost

6. What does Malcolm’s army hide behind as they approach Macbeth’s castle?

a. their horses

b. branches from Birnam Wood

c. costumes made by their wives

d. their swords and shields

7. Who eventually beheads Macbeth?

a. Malcolm

b. Donalbain

c. Macduff

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