Lord of the Flies


Discussion Questions

  1. What are some of the manifestations of evil in the novel—how soon, and as whom, do they appear?
  2. What explanation could account for the boys’ apparent loss of identity or seeming amnesia upon discovering themselves alive on a deserted island? Few of them, after all, appear to have any sense of who or what they were or are.
  3. Piggy clings to the conch and the order it represents right up to the very end. Why must both Piggy and the conch be destroyed by the savages?
  4. Few of the characters show any interest in the littluns. What does this say about the overall moral character of the boys before they came to the island? What does it suggest for the society that produced such boys with such a moral fiber?
  5. Does the naval ship really represent a solution to the evil of the Lord of the Flies? Why or why not?
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