Life of Pi


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1. Who initially offers to tell the author a story that will make him believe in God?

a. Pi Patel

b. Mr. Adirubasamy

c. Gita Patel

2. As an adult, where does Pi live?

a. Canada

b. India

c. Mexico

3. What is the profession of Pi’s father?

a. Teacher

b. Zookeeper

c. Writer

4. What is Pi’s full first name?

a. Pilaf

b. Piscine

c. Pilar

5. Which of the following religions does Pi not practice?

a. Islam

b. Hindu

c. Buddhism

6. Which of the following groups of people does Pi describe as his “brothers and sisters of a different faith”?

a. Atheists

b. Agnostics

c. Christians

7. How does Pi’s father demonstrate the dangerous nature of the Bengal tiger?

a. By taunting a tiger until it attacks him

b. By feeding a live goat to a tiger

c. By putting Pi into a tiger’s cage

8. Which animal do both the atheist Mr. Kumar and the Muslim Mr. Kumar find awe-inspiring?

a. The Royal Bengal tiger

b. The orangutan

c. The Grant’s zebra

9. Why does Pi’s father decide to move the family to Canada?

a. He does not like the political...

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