King Lear


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1. Which of King Lear’s daughters says to him, “I love your majesty according to my bond; no more nor less”?

a. Regan

b. Cordelia

c. Goneril

2. Who disagrees with Lear and tries to intervene when the king publicly disowns his daughter?

a. Gloucester

b. Albany

c. Kent

3. Why is Edmund plotting against his brother, Edgar?

a. He is vying with Edgar for Regan’s affections

b. He resents Edgar for being Gloucester’s legitimate heir

c. He resents Edgar for being an educated scholar

4. How does Edgar respond to Edmund’s warning that their father is angry with him?

a. Edgar believes it easily, and agrees to hide from Gloucester

b. Edgar accuses Edmund of lying and challenges him to a duel

c. Edgar becomes paranoid, as he knows that Gloucester has good reason to be angry with him

5. How does Goneril instruct her servants to behave toward King Lear while he is staying in her house?

a. She tells them to give Lear the respect he deserves as a king

b. She orders them to treat Lear disrespectfully and rudely

c. She orders them to say confusing things to Lear so he will think he’s going mad

6. What does the Earl of Kent do after he is banished?

a. He disguises himself so that he can get close to Lear and kill him

b. He leaves the kingdom and goes to live with Cordelia in France

c. He...

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