Jane Eyre


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Chapter 36

St. John departs the next morning, and that afternoon so too does Jane. Her destination is Thornfield. She is going to inquire after Mr. Rochester.

The journey is long, but upon arriving she is exhilarated. Her exhilaration does not last, however, for she discovers that Thornfield is no more. It is in ruins, just as she saw in her dream so long ago.

She heads back to the station for an account of what has happened. She interrogates the host, who says that he was the butler for Mr. Rochester’s father. He gives an account of what happened: A fire was started by Mrs. Rochester. Mr. Rochester got everyone out of the house. When he went to retrieve his wife, who had climbed to the roof, she jumped. He descended back into the house, but it collapsed on top of him. When he was rescued, he had lost an eye and gone blind in the other. His hand was crushed and had to be cut off.

Jane is thankful to hear that Rochester is still alive. He has not left England as she suspected he had. He is now living at Ferndean. The name itself suggests new life, greenness and growth. It is, at least, a much pleasanter name than Thornfield. Jane sets off at once to go there.

Chapter 37

Ferndean is deep in the woods. Jane arrives just before dark. As she gazes at the house, Rochester himself emerges. His servant John asks if he would like a hand, but Rochester refuses. He gropes about by himself and then returns to the house. Jane pursues, knocks and is admitted by Mary, John’s wife. Jane asks her to tell Rochester that he has a visitor. She does so and returns saying that he wants to know who it is and what business it is. Mary is set to take a tray of water to Rochester. Jane tells her that she will do it.

Jane enters Rochester’s study. He is leaning over the fireplace. His dog Pilot recognizes her. Jane says, “Down, Pilot!” Rochester recognizes the voice but cannot believe it is Jane. “Who is it? What is it?...

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