Jane Eyre


Cast of Characters

Jane Eyre—Orphaned in infancy, Jane is raised by Mrs. Reed till the age of 10; she then resides at Lowood for 8 years before taking employment at Thornfield, where she meets and falls in love with Mr. Rochester. Jane is analytical, reserved, passionate, honest, and good.

Mrs. Reed—Jane’s aunt, Mrs. Reed is cold and hard with Jane, whom she despises out of a prejudice against her late mother. Mrs. Reed views Jane as the bane of her existence.

Eliza Reed—Somewhat quicker than her brother and sister, with more sense but little feeling, she is as self-obsessed as Georgiana but in a wholly different away. She has a religious fervor and becomes a Roman Catholic nun, seeing this avenue as the surest and most logical route to Heaven. Jane admits that the vocation fits Eliza, but sees it as a rather cold and uninteresting one.

John Reed—A dimwitted bully and schoolboy of 14, John is babied and spoiled by Mrs. Reed, who allows him to leave school since he does not like it. He is the bane of Jane’s existence at the Reed household and demands that Jane call him “Master Reed.” He grows into a dissipated young man, loses the family fortune in gambling, and finally is believed to have taken his own life.

Georgiana Reed—She is self-obsessed and very beautiful. After her mother’s death, for which she shows no concern, she marries a wealthy, run-down man.

Bessie—Jane’s nurse while living with Mrs. Reed. Bessie often chides Jane. The two become loving towards one another, however, on the eve of Jane’s departure for Lowood.

Miss Abbot—She is Bessie’s maid at Gateshead Hall and is as unloving to Jane as the others.

Mr. Lloyd—The local apothecary, he tends to Jane after her collapse in the red room. Later he kindly inquires after Jane’s happiness and suggests to Mrs. Reed that Jane might be better...

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