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1. Who is the first character to say that he is “sick at heart”?

a) Francisco

b) Barnardo

c) Marcellus

d) Horatio

2. What is the ghost wearing when it appears on the castle ramparts?

a) His kingly robes

b) His armor

c) Nothing: He is shrouded in mist

d) A white sheet

3) Where does Hamlet attend school?

a) France

b) England

c) Wittenberg

d) Denmark

4) Where does Laertes go upon leaving Elsinore?

a) France

b) England

c) Wittenberg

d) Spain

5) Who advises Ophelia to reject Hamlet’s love?

a) Gertrude

b) Horatio

c) Laertes and Polonius

d) Claudius and Marcellus

6) Which words of the ghost does Hamlet write down?

a) “Revenge me”

b) “Honor me”

c) “Listen to me”

d) “Remember me”

7) Where does Hamlet order Ophelia to go?

a) England

b) A nunnery

c) Church

d) Her father’s house

8) What play does Hamlet ask the players to perform?

a) The Murder of Gonzago

b) Dr. Faustus

c) Julius Caesar

d) The Spanish Tragedy

9) What is Norway’s relation to Fortinbras?

a) Norway is his father.

b) Norway is his brother.

c) Norway is his cousin.

d) Norway is his uncle.

10) Which country did Norway believe Fortinbras was getting ready to attack before Claudius’ ambassadors arrive to set him straight?

a) Spain

b) England

c) Poland

d) France

11) How does Ophelia...

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