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1. When was Grendel published?

a. 1951

b. 1961

c. 1971

d. 1981

2. What work is Grendel closely based upon?

a. Beowulf

b. The Canterbury Tales

c. The Old Testament

d. Waldere

3. Who is narrating Grendel's story?

a. A stranger

b. Grendel

c. Grendel's mother

d. The Shaper

4. Which animal causes Grendel to have what he thinks is an epiphany?

a. A goat

b. A bear

c. A bull

d. A ram

5. Why does Grendel fail to communicate with the first humans he meets?

a. He doesn't realize they are intelligent creatures

b. He can't understand their speech

c. The humans can't understand his speech

d. The humans run away as soon as they see him

6. What disability does the Shaper have?

a. He is deaf

b. He has a limp

c. He is blind

d. He is deformed

7. What tool does the Shaper when creating his works of art?

a. Paintbrush

b. Harp

c. Parchment

d. Chisel

8. Who does the Shaper's account imply that Grendel is descended from?

a. Jesus

b. Satan

c. Cain

d. Scyld Shefing

9. How do people react when Grendel enters Hrothgar's village?

a. Grendel is worshipped as a prophet

b. Grendel is forced into a large cage

c. Grendel is violently driven away

d. Everyone in the village flees in terror

10. What does the dragon's voice remind Grendel of?

a. An old, old woman

b. An old, old man

c. Grendel's mother

d. A child

11. What does the dragon guard?

a. Bones

b. Piles of dust

c. Parchment

d. Gold

12. What "charm" has the dragon placed on Grendel?

a. Grendel can become invisible...

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