The Good Earth


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1. Where does Wang Lung purchase O-lan?

a. From a brothel

b. From the House of Hwang

c. From a mistress named Cuckoo

d. From his uncle

2. How does O-lan die?

a. From a tumor

b. From typhoid fever

c. From dehydration

d. From labor complications

3. What does the House of Hwang symbolize?

a. Goodness and mercy

b. The importance of the land to man

c. Greed and decadence

d. A high standard of morality

4. What does Wang Lung’s third son wish to do?

a. Become a farmer

b. Become a soldier

c. Become a businessman

d. Become a tutor

5. How does Wang Lung get his uncle off his hands?

a. Buys him opium

b. Kills him

c. Sends him to the south

d. Buys him two prostitutes

6. What is one reason that Wang Lung finds O-lan unattractive?

a. Her brown eyes

b. Her large feet

c. Her tumor

d. Her rough hands

7. What does Wang Lung worry about happening after his death?

a. His sons will sell the land

b. No one will take care of his daughter

c. Both a &...

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