The Good Earth


Chapter 28 to Chapter 34

Chapter Twenty-Eight Summary

Wang Lung’s uncle and aunt become addicted to the opium that Wang Lung acquires for them. Southern refugees come from the south to borrow money from Wang Lung. The money has a high interest rate, but the refugees need the money to purchase seeds. They sell their land and their daughters to Wang Lung. Wang Lung purchases a young servant named Pear Blossom for Lotus. Although the uncle and aunt have become addicted to opium, Wang Lung’s nephew does not. Instead, he lounges around the house and lusts after the wife of Wang Lung’s eldest son. The eldest son suggests that Wang Lung use the Hwang family house for their family and let the uncle’s family stay in Wang Lung’s house. Once he moves into the Hwang house, Wang Lung feels a deep sense of satisfaction.

Chapter Twenty-Nine Summary

The second son surprises Wang Lung by expressing that he would like to marry a steadfast village woman. Wang Lung likes that his son has considered the marriage prospect with much thought and agrees to the marriage. Ching recommends a village woman for the son. The uncle’s son makes the decision to join the war happening in the north. Meanwhile, Wang Lung lives as a rich man. He buys expensive foods and sleeps for as long as he pleases. The wife of Wang Lung’s eldest son gives birth to a son. The son hires a wet nurse so that the baby doesn’t ruin his wife’s breasts.

Wang Lung’s oldest son comes up with the idea to create tablets of their ancestors so that they can worship them during feast days. Unfortunately, Ching dies in the fields one day. Wang Lung wishes to bury Ching near O-lan and his father, but his son believes that Ching should not be buried with the family because of his servant status. Walking in the fields becomes painful for Wang Lung because it causes him to think of Ching’s faithfulness.

Chapter Thirty Summary

Wang Lung buys pricey decorations and furniture...

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