Flowers for Algernon


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1. Who introduces Charlie to Algernon?

a. Alice

b. Burt

c. Dr. Strauss

2. What kind of reward is given to Algernon when he solves the maze?

a. Another mouse to play with

b. A pat on the head

c. Cheese

3. How does Charlie feel about the tests he is given before being selected for the surgery?

a. He is confident and completes them easily

b. He is angry about being tested because he does not want the surgery

c. He does not understand the tests and is afraid that he has failed

4. What does Professor Nemur make sure Charlie understands before he agrees to the surgery?

a. That the surgery may only be temporary or that it may make Charlie worse

b. That the surgery has been tested many times and is sure to succeed

c. That the surgery has never been performed before, not even on an animal

5. How does Charlie feel a few days after the surgery?

a. He feels great because he is suddenly a genius

b. He is disappointed because he can’t tell that he is smarter yet

c. He is very sick because they botched the surgery

6. Why does Mr. Donner give Charlie a job at the bakery?

a. Because Mr. Donner is taking advantage of Charlie for cheap labor

b. Because Mr. Donner promised Charlie’s uncle he would take care of him

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