Fahrenheit 451


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Part I: The Hearth and the Salamander

The number 451 strands for:

(a) The insignia of the fireman

(b) Montag's ID

(c) The Department that Montag belonged to

(d) The temperature at which book paper catches fire and burns

Clarissa was unusual because:

(a) She liked wearing white dresses

(b) She enjoyed thinking

(c) She liked walks

(d) She liked nature and liked thinking

Montag was concerned about Mildred because:

(a) Mildred was unhappy

(b) Mildred had overdosed

(c) Mildred was constantly entertaining herself with her "family"

(d) Mildred did not enjoy books

The Mechanical Hound was the name of:

(a) The fire engine

(b) A robot that sniffed out books

(c) A mechanical sensor of paper

(d) A machine that resembled a dog

Possessors of books were:

(a) Arrested

(b) Their houses were burned and they were liberated

(c) Sent to asylums

(d) (a) and (c)

The book burning that involved Mrs. Blake disturbed Montag because:

(A) Mrs. Blake committed suicide burning herself with her books

(B) She articulated a quotation about books that puzzled him

(C) She had hoarded an incredible amount of books

(D) She was sent to an asylum for screaming

The Seashell was:

(a) The wall panel that provided entertainment

(b) The ear instrument that relayed news of the city

(c) The ear instrument that relayed news, entertainment and all that was significant to that Civilization

(d) The way with which people communicated with each other—a cellular phone.

Clarissa was killed by:

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