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Screen Narrative analysis

Breaking down terms
story- a chronological set of events.
plot- he selection and oddering of those events.
narrative- the way the events tell the story.
non linear- narrative: a narrative that does not tell the story digests, anything the character can experience.

basic three act narrative structure.
the basic 3 act narrative structure has been used for centuries in plays, books,

act one - set up introduced to character and digests , understand world in story. catalyst
-turning point between act one when things change

act two-
-turning point between act two-when things change
mostly taken up development,
end of act two second turning point, absolutely bad.

act three climax -battle of some sort.
Resolution, very short and sweet.

christopher vgler theorized the narrative by breaking down the 3 acts more specifically into 12 steps more specifically into the heroes journey.

oglers character achetypes/
1. hero
2. mentor
3. threshold guardian, bad but good.
4. herald, gives the news to the group

subtypes of archetype
-willing or unwilling
-anti-hero, doesn't want to be a hero
-group orientated hero, leads group
-loner hero , alone
-catalyst hero.

mentor ...
magical/mythic - gandalf etc.
gift giving
teaching- teachers hero
inventing and intiating- doc from back to the future.
falling hero- failed first now mentoring.

character archetypes propps.

the villain
the donor
the magical helper
he princess of prize
her father
the dispatcher

depending on the text vogel might be more fit, or prop. prop is more for fantasy and fairy tail stories.

conflict - the recurring character.
character against nature or god,
character against fate
agains society
society agains society
character against them selves.

character vs character
harry vs voldermort

cahracter vs nature
the day after tomorrow.

character vs fate - inevitable or uncontrollable problem
the matrix, neo fulfilling his/her destiny

character vs society
main character vs larger group, a community, society
eg. boys don't cry.

character versus self
inner conflict

society vs society
one grow vs another group
eg. river queen. maori vs british

society vs society
is just one element vs another element

usually good vs evil.

leading on to the the next analytical level
in each of these cases (across time and genres) the character snow white is the personification of moral good because dh is represented as such. jus as the queen as the personification of evil.

what does representation mean
représentation - noun - 16 version

with regards to film analysis;
representation is the o screen depiction

why learn about representation
because screen representation portraits aspects of the real world

what is an ideology

ideologies are a set of ideas or values we live by.
each person can have more than one ideology
differing ideologies can cause create conflict.

ideology wthin film narrative
the narrative of a film presertnd the ideologies of the original writer, director and producer .

race representation.
represents people in specific or racial background

race representation
fun black man

quirky Hispanic
the educate/snooty white.

class representation
the struggling impoverished and largely uneducated.

NZ middle ground
British really poor
American rich upper class.

upper crust aristocratic
middle groun
povrished, poor,.

gender representation
manly men, muscular men , military
womanly women. long hair, lots of make up lots of pink.

what happens when you get manly women or womanly men.
essentially two things
androgynous. partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.

gender is not binary
gender is a spectrum which we can move along at any time of our lives.

why include them?
because binaries will often contain conflict and without conflict you...
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