Z-Wing Crm Design

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Z-Wing CRM Design
Laura Facino
March 4, 2013
Dr. Gayle Grant

Z-Wing CRM Design
Z-Wing is a $60 billion dollar company which commands 50% of the airline business with three types of commercial airplanes which offer an internet/intranet service. With ten service centers around the world, Z-Wing is a powerful international force and Chairman Aaron Weiss would like to remain the majority presence over competition Janssen. In order to stay ahead, it has been determined that Z-Wing needs to implement a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) in order to better serve both internal and external customers. Z-Wing has allotted $5 million dollars to begin the implementation of a CRM. Abner Tech, Z-Wing’s current software provider, offers many components of CRM software that can integrate into the companies’ existing software platform. The shareholders would like to see the following needs fulfilled: * A support system to link all 10 service centers with a central data repository * Maximize marketing spend and achieve sales targets

* E-services so customers can handle their accounts online Issues that Z-wing must consider for the initial roll-out is the prioritization of the business needs that require support, the software functionalities offered by Abner Tech and of course, the return on investment. What should the components be and what will they look like in operation? To meet the above needs, IT has decided to implement 4 of the Abner Tech software components during the initial phase: Call Center Support, E-Services, Campaign Management, and Pipeline Management. Below is a summary of what these components will provide and how they will operate: Service: Call Center Support - $1,250,000

* Call center support
* Customer scoreboard – view critical info about customer during call * Agents can rapidly create, assign, track and resolve a complete range of services * Reduce call handling times
* Generate repeat business...
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