X-Files: Themes of the Common and Uncommon

Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: November 12, 2011
Common and Uncommon

The common and uncommon are one of those prevalent themes, with most stories there is a dark side and bright side. Common is something that occurs often something that you would consider “normal” for everyday things. Uncommon is something out of the ordinary that rarely happens, it can also be something that is unusual. In stories, movies, and books makes it more interesting because everything seems normal and but there is an underlying unusual theme to the story that comes out at one point or another to interest the reader or watcher. In the X-files episode Dr. Pollidori, who is a scientist, made an accidental son while conducting a genetic experiment, naming his the Great Mutato. The grandfather Mr. Pollidori Sr., who is a farmer took the responsibilities for Mutato and acted as a father to him. Mutato lived in his grandfathers basement from then on. A single women claim to be pregnant twice now while unconscious and not knowing why, so she called the authorities and Jerry Springer to investigate, and look for a “monster” that many locals have seen around the woods. When looking for the “monster” they find Pollidori Sr. and he takes them to his scientist son and tells the investigators that there is no “monster”. Mr. Pollidori sr. was killed by Dr. Pollidori for and angry encounter. The mob and investegators finally find what many call the monster which turned out to be the Great Mutato, and all he wanted was to be accepted by the community and find a mate. In this story it is common that a boy wants to find a mate or even a friend to spend time with and shares the same interests. Also, it is common for a grandfather to help with the raising of children. What is uncommon is that the grandfather was killed, a genetic experiment, and mysterious pregnancies. In the Last Waltz concert film was about a boy band called the band that wanted to have one last farewell concert, after 16 long years on the road, The Band members thought it was time...
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