X Factor Review

Topics: The X Factor, Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh Pages: 4 (1694 words) Published: February 25, 2013
X factor Podcast Review
Hello, I’m Jake Lovington and welcome to this week’s review programme, in which we will be focussing on a talent show called the X factor which many people will definitely know about as it’s a super duper hit worldwide. X factor is a sensational singing talent show in which people who have a passion for singing take part in, other than the fact that there have been various people who auditioned for X factor who certainly do have a passion for singing but I guess they also have a passion for humiliation because they believe that they can sing whereas they clearly can’t and all they do is embarrass themselves on television. X factor has been running since September 2004 and still is, this show is one of the most successful talent shows aired on television which millions of people watch globally. In this season of X factor there are four judges who are Louis, Tulisa, Kelly and Gary. Simon Cowell is not in this season so the contestants have better chances of winning. This show is also in competition with the X factor USA which is also being aired at the moment. Tonight we will be focussing on a particular episode of X factor which is from last week, Saturday 5th November 2011 and will be focussing on the first 7 performances. The episode was all about ‘floor fillers’ and ‘club classics’ what a bizarre nightspot that was. It was double elimination in the episode which was a shock to most of the audience as half a dozen acts could have been at risk. First up was the contestant who’s related to every clown in the world Johnny Robinson from Louis’s team who sang the song ‘time goes by’ and in my opinion he sounded just like a chipmunk, all he needed to do was to were some make up and put on a skirt, it would go great with his girly voice. The judges’ opinion was very different to mine. Tulisa said that johnny’s performance was predictable. Kelly had a different view about Johnny’s performance she said ‘Johnny you look like you had a good...
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