X-Box Kinect Swot

Topics: Xbox 360, Video game console, Wii Pages: 5 (1728 words) Published: February 21, 2011
Xbox Kinect: Fun, Healthy, Convenient, Valuable

The Xbox Kinect has introduced a new wave of technology in motion gaming. Microsoft’s product is one of a kind and soaring sales during the past three months have proven that consumers are interested and are willing to pay a premium price to meet their needs and wants that competitors such as the Wii are not currrently meeting. The Xbox Kinect has had great success in its initial release because it is meeting the wants and needs of its target market, these include a way to bring friends and family together, an innovative new way exercise, the value of it compared to the Wii, and the convenience of all its additional applications. The Kinect is also differentiating itself from the competition by providing the capability to do motion gaming without the need of a controller and by providing superior hardware capabilities.

The Xbox Kinect satisfies the need and want to bring friends and family together by allowing users a fun and easy way to compete. Many Families and friends gather for game nights, and the Xbox Kinect provides an innovative way for many users to join in the activities. The Kinect is perfect for these settings because teams and individuals can play numerous games together. The competition creates stronger bonds for team members therefore creating stronger connections between friends and family members. The best part is that everyone can participate, this is due to the imaging technology the Kinect uses to detect users (as opposed to weighing equipment). The Kinect allows up to 4 players at the time, and without the need for additional controllers it allows for an easy way to incorporate more people into the game. The video chat function can also allows distant friends and relatives to participate in games and watch movies with the group. The Kinect is fun and easy to use which allows it to bring family and friends closer together.

Exercise is another need and a want that the Xbox Kinect satisfies. Consumers want fun and innovative ways to exercise. Many Americans lead busy lives and their new years resolutions of more exercise tend to go out the window. Having the same exercise routine can get monotonous and being able to get exercise while playing a game sounds like a lot more fun than running on the treadmill for an hour! The Kinect has a variety of innovative and fun games that can be physically challenging. These games provide convenience for the customer as they are able to exercise right in their home. In addition, parents are looking for ways to get their kids to be more active. Children enjoy playing games and with the Kinect, they are able to get off the couch and be active while they are playing these games. The Kinect is an effective way to get children excited about being active because they are able to burn calories while participating in an activity that they already enjoy. The Xbox Kinect satisfies the need to workout and exercise in children and adults.

The Xbox Kinect also satisfies the want and need for convenience. In this current age of rapid technological advancement customers are no longer settling for one-dimensional products. The Xbox Kinect is far from a one-dimensional product, especially considering the capabilities that the Xbox Kinect provides when it is linked with the Xbox 360. It all starts with how you turn on the system, the user simply has to say “Xbox” which brings on a variety of different menu options which are all navigable using voice commands. So not only do you not need a controller to play the games, but you don’t even need a remote to turn on the system. Another way that the Xbox Kinect provides convenience for its customers is through the various different internet applications that are available. One of these applications is the ability to video chat using the video camera and microphone right on your Xbox Kinect. This is a valuable tool for many families allowing them the convenience to video chat with...
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