X and Y Game
Topics: Thought, Person, The Game, People, Individual, Meaning of life / Pages: 3 (560 words) / Published: Jul 11th, 2006

The X and Y game What is a game where you have four persons to a team, and each person shows an X and Y card each round and according to what each other person, including themselves shows they get a certain number of points added on or taken off? What is the meaning of this game? What does it show? This game shows how individual people act in a group. When every person in a group cooperates something gets done, but if people are out for themselves, and fail to recognize that they are in this together, and together, then while one person may win, the group fails. It symbolizes many different situations greatly. In the groups today there were the type of people that did not care, and thought that it was just a class game, and what could be done. These people do not just exist in the classroom setting, but in the world too. These people just think of life as a game. These people are the people who waist their lives, and do not make the best of it. They do not care what "cards" they throw, because after all it is jut their lives. Although there were a select few that acted like this, these were not the only types of "players" in "the game." There were people who thought only for themselves, and made whatever choices they could to get ahead. Those people tried to get ahead, knowing that a majority of people will try to help everyone used that to their advantage. These people, while having the highest grade amongst their group, lost with their group, because their team mate's negative points brought the whole group down so low that it did not matter how high their own points were. These people were greedy, and were not looking out for anyone but themselves, but not everyone had that same attitude. There were the people who after finally figuring out how the "game" worked helped other people including themselves, and tried to bring the group as a whole up with themselves. These people are the people in life who get involved, and try to not only better their own

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