Writing Expectations for ENGL 2141

Topics: Parenthetical referencing, Style guide, Bibliography Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: March 26, 2014
ENGL 2141, Ginger Mullen

Criteria for Evaluating & Grading Essays
Adapted from HBJ Holt Canada, used with permission
“A” : Excellent (80-100%)
Structure shows unity and coherence: engaging introduction and convincing conclusion, clearly defined thesis statement that gives direction to the essay, body paragraphs that deal with one main idea, and effective transitions between ideas and paragraphs. Content demonstrates applied understanding of material: original ideas, sustained argument with solid textual support, and accurate information.

Writing is technically correct and reads fluidly: very few grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors, well-crafted and varied sentences, use of transitions, concise wording, and no redundancies or colloquialisms. MLA referencing is clear: properly integrated in-text citations and a formatted Works Cited list.

“B”: Very good and more than competently written (70-79%) Structure, content, writing and referencing show many merits of the “A” paper, but with occasional errors. Specific revision is needed to clarify vague statements, awkward phrases or disorganized passages; support/develop/ ustain the argument; correct grammar, punctuation and/or spelling errors; create a more fluid style of writing; and/or reference citations correctly.

"C”: Satisfactory (60-69%)
Structure shows some weakness in unity and/or coherence: confusing or ineffective thesis statement, disorganized or undeveloped body paragraphs, unsustained argument and/or missing transitions.

Content reflects basic understanding material and support for ideas, such as those already discussed in class. Writing does not flow from one idea to the next: repetitive, rambling sentences and/or several errors in grammar, punctuation or spelling.

MLA referencing is present, but not always clearly integrated or cited.

“D”: Rudimentary (50-59%)
Structure provides little sense of direction, although some organization is evident. Content includes inaccurate...
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