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Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany Pages: 7 (1029 words) Published: October 24, 2013
Worldwide Depression
Nations at the end of WWI- USA& Jap= only 1s to come out in better financial shape
What did the U.S. do to help war torn economies?gave loans&invested Euro bnk/busnes
Germany ≠ raise taxes during war; solution= print more $
Inflation (1 mark-> 200 billion for bread)
Who did Germans blame? Democratic govt
Flawed U.S. Economy richest 5% = 33% of wealth; ppl= buying less; overproduction agri.
1929 – Wall Street Crash investors thought prices=&started selling; prices, ppl panic
Stocks on Margin loans from stock broker
Panic many started avidly selling and panicking
Black Thursday, Black Monday, Black Tuesday start on thurs. ppl hear&by tues great dep
U.S. Response to the Crash US bankers demand repay of Euro. Loans& w/drew invstmnt
Tariffs high tariff on imports& others do the same
World Trade  by 65%
What nations were hardest hit? G.& Austria

Totalitarianism govt that takes total/central/state over every aspect of pub/priv. life Key Traits ideology/ dictatorship/dynamic leader state control of idividuals,society/ modern tech Stalin - Examples of these traits

Pre-World War II
Definition militant political mvmt tht emphasized loyalty 2 st. obedience 2 its leader
Beliefs extreme nat/ nats must struggle/ loyalty 2 leader/uniforms/rallies/salutes
Vs. Communism have classes (F= upper/middle, C=lower/peasants) F=nat C=multinat
Factors that led 2 Fascism I. angered after no territory gain after WW1, inflation,unemployment
Mussolini newspaper editor/ politician
Promises revive economy/rebuild armed forces/ give strong leadership
Steps to power econ pop, marches 2 Rome and leader gives in& lets him rule
Actions 1 in power abolish dem./pp except fascists/censor media/outlaw strikes/jail opp Germany
Hitler after ww1 joins slightly right-sided party agreeing 2 overturn treaty of versailles
Nazis G. fascists
Rise to power success as a speaker in nazi party led him to be titles De Fuhr/lead
Mein Kampf beliefs/goals4 G. /ToV=outrage/Ayrans/G.overcrowded&need space
Why did Germans turn to Hitler? Economy collapsed& civil unrest broke out
Totalitarian State (all apsects) ban pp/arrest opp/SS protection squad/Gestapao(police)
Anti-Semitism scapegoat& began taking away rights
% of pop. 1%
Kristillnacht “night of broken glass” attacked 1000s of jew house/businesses Russia - Stalin
Kellogg-Briand Pact agreement signed betw/ every co. saying ≠ use war 2 solve probs again Japanese Militarists bad econ-blame govt- put military in charge
Emperor Hirohito leave him in charge b/c unite ppl& pwr symbol= nat
Nationalism put nats in pwr
Foreign Expansion say this is key 2 solve econ. probs
Manchuria invade part of China->LON against but dnt do anything-Jap ditches LON
China take over
League of Nations does nothing
Ethiopia invade bc he saw LON did nothing 2 Jap.
League of Nations dnt stop& let them go through suez canal (GB lets them) Hitler
Treaty of Versailles military size& sends troops to Rhine Island
League of Nations appeasement
Buildup of Military more pwrful
Rhineland Occupation ppl see him bringing them back
Third Reich G. empire
Austria annex& no1 does nething
Sudentenland (Czechoslovakia) H. demands
Appeasement2 give in2 aggression2 keep pce
Axis Powers G., J., I.
Civil War Franco& fascists vs. any1 else
Franco\Fascists revolt 2 come 2 pwr (3yrs)
Hitler and Mussolini help franco
Western Response nothing
Guernica (Pablo Picasso) painting
United States
Isolationism polit. Ties 2 other co. should be secluded
Neutrality Acts outlaws loan&sale of arms 2 foreighn co in war Munich Conference GB, Fr, G, I appeasement& give them Czech
Poland H says he wants-> LON says NO!
Nonaggression Pact Stalin signs w/ H. bc wasn’t invited 2 Munich conference& promises to give him finlan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania World War II
Poland H wants polish corridior...
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