Work Experience Letter

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Dear name,

I am a student at school in place who is currently in Year 10 and I have the chance to do a one week work experience placement from Monday 15th – Friday 19th 2013 July.

I am applying to see if I could possibly join you for this week as I feel that having this amazing opportunity to do work experience with your company would help me greatly in the medical career path I would like to take. It will also give me an idea of the types of jobs you could work as in a hospital and what the surroundings and work environment is like.

I am studying for my GCSEs and I take a great interest in Science – especially biology – and I really love the idea of working for the NHS. I am predicted As and A*s in many of my subjects. I would really like to stay in education for the longest period of time as I would like to become a heart surgeon.

I believe myself to be hard working and friendly, but most importantly passionate about medicine and science. I have a very good attendance at school as I understand it is important to be reliable and polite.

I know that during this work experience there may be many things I will not be able to do and I will have to observe lots of things but the experience will be very useful to me and I am hoping to learn a lot from it. It will also be useful for my future.

Thank you for reading my application and I look forward to hearing back from you. My address and email are above if you would like to contact me back. If you do offer me a placement, I will send you a letter from my school which would need to be completed before the placement.

Yours Sincerely

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