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Explore how Michael Morpurgo portrays the horrors and futility of war in his novel ‘War Horse’. Discuss with reference to narrative voice, characterisation, main incidents and/or any other appropriate feature. PARAGRAPH 1 – INTRODUCTION (about 50 words)

Name of book
Name of author
Brief summary of text (no more than two lines)
What your essay is going to be about (refer to the task)
You can give this information in any order. You might give the information in the order 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 or 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 or even 3 – 1 – 2 – 4, any order at all. Be creative!

PARAGRAPH 2 – NARRATIVE VOICE (aim for 70 – 100 words)
When analysing a book, each point you make must have four points: Statement – you make a point
Evidence – you include a quote (something from the text) which supports your statement Analysis – explain how the quote you chose proves your statement is true Link – explain how all of this answers the question

S – Michael Morpurgo uses the technique of narrative voice effectively to portray the horrors and futility of war. He does this by showing us the war from the point of view of the horse, Joey. This shows us what the war was like for both the British and the Germans in an unbiased way. E – “I was busying myself at tearing the last of this away when I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a man in a grey uniform clamber out of the trenches…a small, helmeted figure in a flapping khaki greatcoat climbed up onto no man’s land.” A - This helps us to understand that none of the men were horrible. They are described and recognised by their uniforms and nothing else. There are no differences between the men apart from their uniforms. L - This shows us the horrors and futility of war as these men were made to fight and did not know what they were fighting for. They were not angry at one another or prepared for war. Try to use this example and write your own version of this paragraph. This format is used for all of your paragraphs, the information you give is the only thing that changes.

technique of narrative voice
show horror and futility of war
Joey’s first hand experience
First person narrative shows things as they happen
Choose one of the following quotes:
“There were wounded everywhere – on stretchers, on crutches, in open ambulances, and etched on every man was the look of wretched misery and pain.” “All around me men cried and fell to the ground, and horses reared and screamed in agony of fear and pain. The ground erupted on either side of me, throwing horses and riders clear into the air. The shells whined and roared overhead, and every explosion seemed like an earthquake to us.” “It was as I staggered out of one such crater that I lumbered into an invisible coil of barbed wire that first snagged and then trapped my foreleg. As I kicked out wildly to free myself, I felt the barbs tearing into my foreleg” “I saw the grey soldiers ahead of us raise their rifles and heard the death rattle of a machine gun “ “Blind terror drove me on”

“We looked back down the hill at the battle-field. A few horses were still struggling on the wire, but one by one they were put out of their misery by the advancing German infantry.” A
Explain how the quote you have chosen shows Joey’s first hand experience of war L
Explain how the this shows the horrors and futility of war

PARAGRAPH 4 – NARRATIVE VOICE (70 – 100 words)
This time you are showing how the innocence of Joey shows the horrors and futility of war technique of narrative voice
show horror and futility of war
Joey as an animal is innocent and unbiased and does not understand why the war is happening

“We had won, I heard it said; but horses lay dead and dying everywhere. More than a quarter of the squadron had been lost in that one action. It had all been so quick and so deadly.” A
Explain how that quote shows Joey’s innocence
Explain how this show the horrors and futility...
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