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Activity No. 1


1. Type the document below.
2. Save your file and name it “Activity1”


1. CU (Control Unit) – it is the central nervous system of the computer and it determines what data to send to the ALU for processing. It is also called a SUPERVISOR.

2. MAINFRAME – the largest, fastest, and most expensive computers. The mightiest of the mainframe are so called SUPERCOMPUTERS.

3. PROCESSING – includes arithmetic operation and it can perform the following tasks:

a. Classifying
b. Sorting
c. Calculating
d. Summarizing

4. DOS (Dist Operating System) – it serves as an interface between the user and the hardware and between the hardware and another software.

5. Multimedia Computer (MC) – powerful microcomputer that includes sound capability. It needs CD-ROM disks. It also allows the user to play games.

Activity No. 2


1. Type the document below.
2. Save your file and name it “Activity2”
3. Arrange the document according to any type of business letter.

April 28, 2004

Rev. Fr. Joel M. Reyes
Lyceum of Aparri Hospital
Aparri, Cagayan

Dear Rev. Fr. Joel:

I have heard that your new Hospital is in need of staff nurses. I wish to apply as one.

I am a graduate of your prestigious institution, Lyceum of Aparri, College of Nursing class 2000. I passed the Nurse Licensure Examination in November of the same year with a rating of 89.20%.

I am confident that my educational background and past performances and experiences in the clinical area will merit your favorable considerations.

The following persons have kindly consented to the use of their names as references.

1. Edvin A. Adarme, MD
(Orthopedic Surgeon)
Medical Officer V
Aparri Provincial Hospital
Aparri, Cagayan

2. Robert H. Ogalino, MD
Medical Officer IV
Aparri Provincial Hospital
Aparri, Cagayan

3. Nelvic Catral, RN
Dean, College of Nursing
Lyceum of Aparri
Aparri, Cagayan

Attached are my credentials and supporting papers for your ready reference. I shall be available for a personal interview at your convenience.

Respectfully yours,


Activity No. 1


1. Type the letters and numbers below
2. Follow font specifications inside the parenthesis
3. use the underline font enhancement for all capital letters, Bold for numbers and Italic for small letters. 4. Save the files as “Activity1”

ABCDE (Times New Roman, size 10)
FGHIJ (Arial, size 14)
KLMNO (Impact, size 24)
PQRST (Book Antiqua, size 16)
UVWXYZ (Courier New, size 20)

abcde (Bookman Old Style, size 29)
fghij (Arial Narrow, size 32)
klmno (Times new Roman, 12)
pqrst (Verdana, size 40)
uvwxyz (Tahoma, size 19)

12345 (Garamond, size 30)
67890 (Arial Black, size 17)

51x5y2-119x2y5 (Times New Roman, size 18, Superscripts)

H2O3Cu2O (Arial, size 23, Subscripts)

Activity No. 2


1. Type the document below
2. Change the font style and size for every paragraph
3. Save file as “Activity2”

The Development of Manual Aids to Calculation

Grating Methods. This Method may be considered as the predecessor of the conventional multiplication procedures. The method involves the use of arrays or tables, the sizes of which depend on the number of digits in the multiplier and the multiplicand, respectively. Unlike the conventional method, however, which multiplies numbers from right to left and from bottom to top, the grating method multiplies numbers from left to right and from top to bottom. This method also includes diagonals to be drawn along the corners of the array. One advantage of this method is that it performs multiplication operations before addition operations

Bones Method. This method was introduced in 1617 by John...
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