Women Fashion in 1920 Essay Example

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Women Fashions in 1920s:

During the 1920s women’s life had a drastic change, after first World War they had a particular impact on their lives, women wanted to have an space in society and wanted equality, they wanted to have jobs as men had. She was looking for a practical life, with no worries and regrets, after War Americans were anxious to return to normalcy, the doors for a change were open since women were allowed to vote.

The 1920s gave liberty to women and their lives have changed dramatically, they were anxious to return to normalcy after the end of war. Fashion in 1920s and the flapper era had an important influence in women’s lives, silhouettes were changing as were the thoughts of most women

A fashionable flapper had short sleek hair, a shorter than average shapeless shift dress, a chest as flat as board, wore make up and applied it in public, smoked with a long cigarette holder and wanted a mannish figure.

The feminine liberation movement had a strong effect on women’s fashions.

I. Flapper era

A. A New Woman

1. Historical background of the twenties’ woman

2. Freedom and equality.

B. Women and the younger generation break with tradition

1. American life and culture

2. Women and youth evolved in new directions

II. The women who made America modern

A. Morals, custom and mood in the 1920s

1. Influence of fashion in women’s lives

2. End of war and the new woman was born

B. A new style

1. Lingerie and the “S-bend” silhouette

2. Skirts and what else?

III. Fashion

A. Accessories

1. Each accessory had a secret behind it

B. Day and evening wear

1. Significance of colors and moods

2. What women wanted to express
I.V Conclusion:

A. Women’s fashion were an important fact for a change, they wanted to express their freedom and rights after the passing of the 19th amendment right after World War...
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